Here at Oakwood Dog Rescue we like to celebrate all the dogs that have now found their forever families!

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Dogs adopted in 2021

January 2021

In Jauary 2021 we have managed to find forever homes for 43 very lucky dogs! It's been an incredible start of the year and we can only hope we can continue at this pace for the months to follow!

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Ronnie (was Evren)

Adopted January 2021

Ronnie was the first dog the get adopted in 2021!

This poor boy was very shy at the kennels and too scared to approach us but within days of being in a home he started to love getting stroked!

Ronnie is the perfect example of how much difference being in a home environment can make for a nervous dog.

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Asha (was Marlow)

Adopted January 2021

Asha had the odds stacked against her, not only was she an older dog but she was also very shy which led to her getting overlooked time and time again.

Luckily Asha's new family decided to take a chance on her, she's now slowly settling in and has started to show interest in toys!

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  • CollageMaker_20210226_192445130.jpg

Bella (was Muffin)

Adopted January 2021

Bella was another shy girl that desperately needed a forever home. She arrived at our kennels not only very scared but also very skinny. Luckily she'll no longer need to wonder when her next meal is going to be and gets to experience what it's like to have a loving family for the first time in her life.

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  • CollageMaker_20210202_162256194.jpg


Adopted January 2021

This little man arrived at the centre quite shy but he quickly realised he was now safe and didn't have to be scared anymore. It was lovely to see him come out of his shell and become his goofy self. Now he can continue to gain confidence in his forever home!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_153540958.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_162507942.jpg

Bella (was Cookie)

Adopted January 2021

Bella was one of those dogs that really pulled on your heartstrings, she was just so scared of everything it's heartbreaking to think what she must have been through in the past

Luckily her new mum decided to take a chance on this beautiful girl, she now has two doggy brothers and is slowly starting to settle in

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  • CollageMaker_20210202_171944370


Adopted January 2021

Jack arrived at Oakwood after he was attacked by another dog in a home, we took him in and wanted to give him a chance at a happy life.

When he first arrived with us he was in a right state, covered in bruises and wounds and very confused as he didn't understand what was happening. Luckily he is now on his road to recovery and gets to enjoy being loved by his forever family!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_113019037.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_162628890

Poppy (was Blossom)

Adopted January 2021

Poppy was such a shy girl when she first arrived with us, she's now making small steps of progress in her forever home and we are so happy that her new family decided to take a chance on her 

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  • CollageMaker_20210202_162810201.jpg

Luna (was Snowflake)

Adopted January 2021

Our beautiful Snowflake has finally found a home! This beautiful girl was overlooked time and time again due to her shyness but now she gets to live with one of the dogs that was adopted from us last year! 

Bingo really wanted a play buddy and playful Luna was exactly the friend he needed!

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  • CollageMaker_20210202_162918261.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Beautiful Yoshi waited for quite a while before someone finally took a chance on her.

We couldn't be any happier to see her this settled in her forever home 

  • CollageMaker_20210202_153908979.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_180623292.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Nico was such a scared boy when he first arrived but we quickly saw his cheeky personality start to come out!

He now lives with one of our ex rescues Cockel (previously known as Anda) and he's doing very well in his forever home

  • CollageMaker_20210202_154026422.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_171841625.jpg

Boy (was Lucky)

Adopted January 2021

Lucky boy was one of firm favourites here at the centre, his loving and goofy personality could not be matched and everyone fell in love with him straight away. Now he gets to experience what it's like to have a loving family of his own

  • CollageMaker_20210202_154716507.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_180813200.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Our gentle giant Bramble has been adopted! We fell in love with this sweet boy straight away and couldn't be any happier that he has found his forever home!

  • CollageMaker_20210209_094720218.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_170938940

Max (was Benson)

Adopted January 2021

Max didn't stay at Oakwood long, he was snapped up super quickly and is now enjoying life with his new family!

He's even been doing some lead training and we're very impressed with his walking skills, well done!

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  • CollageMaker_20210202_163401028.jpg

Dora (was Ludo)

Adopted January 2021

Dora was such a gorgeous lady, we were worried she'd get overlooked because of her age but luckily her sweet personality melted the hearts of her new family and she now gets to enjoy living in luxury of a forever home for the first time in her life!

  • CollageMaker_20210203_000209310.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_171211295

Peggy (was Betty)

Adopted January 2021

Peggy didn't stay with us long either, we think it's because her gorgeous eyes could make anyone fall in love with her!

She now has a new family and a doggie brother and is starting to settle into her new life

  • CollageMaker_20210209_094636674.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_171059653

Lucy (was Joy)

Adopted January 2021

Lucky Lucy was snapped up by her new family too! She's loving the home comforts and we couldn't be any happier for her!

  • CollageMaker_20210209_094939868.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_172107888


Adopted January 2021

This big lad was one of the favourites here at the centre too, who could forget him and his best friend Rocco running around the fields having the best time!

But life got even better for Zeus now he's been adopted!

  • CollageMaker_20210209_095026886.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_173300526

Ralph (was Rocco)

Adopted January 2021

Just like his bestie Zeus, cheeky Ralph has also found his happy ending! We wish our big goofball the best of luck with his new family!

  • CollageMaker_20210209_094855270.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_171324762

Jude (was Hendrix)

Adopted January 2021

Jude was such a big softie, all he wanted was to have a family of his own where he could stay forever. He now gets to enjoy endless cuddles with his new family!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_154257020.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_171739030.jpg

Amos (was Flash)

Adopted January 2021

Amos was so so scared when he first arrived at the centre, he was absolutely terrified of everyone and would hide whenever he could see a person.

Just after a week in his forever home he now enjoys sleeping on the sofa next to his humans, will take treats from them and comes back inside when called! He still has a lot to learn but Amos is a perfect example of what a loving home environment can do for a traumatised dog

  • CollageMaker_20210202_154521651.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_172557547.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Poor Eddie arrived at Oakwood in a right state, he was almost emaciated and very scared of everything. Luckily his new family took a chance on this sad boy and he's now starting to learn what it's like to be a normal dog

  • CollageMaker_20210202_155551230.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_180721386.jpg

Pippin (was Ebony)

Adopted January 2021

We were worried that this sweet girl was going to get overlooked but luckily when her new family met her it was love at first sight! She now gets to enjoy the comforts of a forever home!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_155739459.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_180904627.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Sam has been adopted! This boy became quite famous on our Facebook page and a lot of people were following his story, we're so happy to announce that he has now found the perfect retirement home and gets to spend the rest of his life being spoilt rotten!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_174629973.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_174105723.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Lilly was the first dog we've had in months that was suitable to live with children under 10 so she was snapped up super quickly by someone on our waiting list. She's now having the best time with her little human in her new home!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_174512170.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_173902354.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Our little one eyed Finn has been adopted! This little boy was quite shy at first but we've heard since being in his forever home his personality has blossomed and he now loves zooming around having the best time! Well done little man!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_113803355.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_174001809

Tinkerbell (was Jessie)

Adopted January 2021

Jessie was such a gorgeous lady, she now gets to experience what it's like to have a forever home! Be happy little girl!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_113254144.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_173205423

Mia (was Mila)

Adopted January 2021

This cheeky monkey didn't stay with us long, we can't say we're surprised, with such a loving personality no wonder she was snapped up so quickly!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_113152219.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_173108533


Adopted January 2021

Our little pocket rocket Ralph has found his happy place! It's so lovely to see this little man so happy in his forever home

  • CollageMaker_20210202_155151553.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_173008421.jpg


Adopted January 2021

This little boy was so happy to arrive at our centre, the moment he stepped off transport he was zooming around our fields trying to play with everyone so it's really no wonder he got snapped up so quickly! We hope you have the best life Benji!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_155449883.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_172915794.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Annie was such a timid girl when she arrived at our centre, her family took a chance on her and she's now growing in confidence every single day and even going out on walks! Well done beautiful girl!

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  • CollageMaker_20210202_172752252


Adopted January 2021

What a gorgeous boy Fleetwood was, we just couldn't help but fall in love with his bouncy and loving personality! But we think that smile says it all! Fleetwood was adopted and he definitely landed on his paws!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_154616790.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_172658920.jpg

Lottie (was Charlotte)

Adopted January 2021

This girl didn't stay with us long at all - her new parents just couldn't resist her gorgeous smile and decided to take her home! Enjoy sweetie!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_155035747.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_172450213.jpg

Lacey (was Maggie)

Adopted January 2021

What a beautiful girl Maggie was, her new parents fell in love with her straight away and we don't blame them one bit!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_154915597.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_172333309.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Taco has found her forever home too! Have the best life gorgeous girl!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_154816474.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210202_172225782.jpg


Adopted January 2021

This boy arrived at our centre in such a state, we've spent hours trying to cut off all the mats from his body and once they were gone we found there wasn't much of him left - he was so terribly skinny he wouldn't have survived in Romania much longer. But look at him now! He looks so much happier and healthier already it's amazing to see!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_174426439
  • CollageMaker_20210205_115016627.jpg

Rocky (was Charlie)

Adopted January 2021

This beautiful boy was so scared at first but he's now starting to realise that humans are actually quite nice and is doing very well in his new home!

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  • CollageMaker_20210205_115118249

Ava (was Asa)

Adopted January 2021

This sweet lady didn't have to wait for her happy ending as long as we thought she would have and we couldn't be any happier for her!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_174709956
  • CollageMaker_20210209_095318901.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Little Max was snapped up to and is now enjoing life with his forever family!

  • CollageMaker_20210226_201931163
  • CollageMaker_20210209_091357084

Evie (was Stevie)

Adopted January 2021

Stevie was very scared but her family took a chance on her and she's becoming more and more confident every day!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_174957946
  • CollageMaker_20210227_093456824


Adopted January 2021

THe gprgeous Primrose has found her happy ending, she was a shy little girl and was slowly starting to come out of her shell at the kennels, she now gets to continue her journey in her forever home

  • CollageMaker_20210202_174916044
  • CollageMaker_20210209_092005209.jpg


Adopted January 2021

Bertie was hit by a car back in Romania and unfortunately we found out his leg was beyond repair, his loveley family decided to adopt him so he can recover from his amputation in a safe home environment rather than busy kennels. Thanks to our incredible supporters we've been able to raise funds for his procedure and he'll have it as soon as he's a little more settled

  • CollageMaker_20210202_174552492.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210209_092301345.jpg

Archie (was Lennon)

Adopted January 2021

Poor Lennon was returned after originally being adopted, although things didn't work out the first time around he got a second chance with his new family! He is doing very well and getting spoilt rotten!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_174339232.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210209_091710998.jpg

Woody (was Star)

Adopted January 2021

Woody started of as a shy boy but just days after getting adopted he has made astonishing progress! He's doing well with his recall and staring to learn what it's like to be a normal dog

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February 2021

This month 27 lucky dogs have found their happy endings!

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  • CollageMaker_20210210_131309098

Dixie (was Hope)

Adopted February 2021

Dixies parents spotted her back in Romania and absoluteley fell in love with her, they came to meet her once she arrived at our centre and decided to adopt her!

  • CollageMaker_20210209_095820754
  • CollageMaker_20210209_092553266


Adopted February 2021

The sweet little Ruby has found her forever home too! After having puppies at a very young age and living in horrendous confditions she now gets to be spoilt rotten by her new family

  • CollageMaker_20210202_175708855
  • CollageMaker_20210209_103728885


Adopted February 2021

Sweet boy affle started off very shy but after getting adopted he's made some great progress in his forever home!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_175934188
  • CollageMaker_20210209_111249471


Adopted February 2021

Little Pickle was ver popular on our Facebook page so we're not all all surprised he's been snapped up so quickly!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_160541069
  • CollageMaker_20210209_092453984

Albi (was Kit)

Adopted February 2021

After being in foster placement for a little while Kit has finally been adopted!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_175551516
  • CollageMaker_20210209_103830175

Honey (was Nysha)

Adopted February 2021

This gorgeous girl has also now found her happy ending!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_175757571
  • CollageMaker_20210210_071542733

Barney (was Wonky)

Adopted February 2021

Our little Wonky has been adopted too - and he's been given a beautiful new name which we think really suits him!

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Alfie (was Sage)

Adopted February 2021

Sage was in foster plavement for a couple of months due to medical reasons - his family has decided to make things official and adopted him!

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Fudge (was Ginger)

Adopted February 2021

Little Fudge arrived at our centre with a lump on his nose, he had a procedure to remove it thanks to the generous donations of our wonderful supporters and has now fully recovered in his forver home!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_175247048
  • CollageMaker_20210211_074632508

Billie (was Amber)

Adopted February 2021

Another beautiful girl has found her happy ending, well done sweetie!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_111941024
  • CollageMaker_20210226_194711692

Lily (was Flora)

Adopted February 2021

Our little Flora has found her forever home too, what a lucky girl!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_114530272
  • CollageMaker_20210226_192616055

Piper (was Modsun)

Adopted February 2021

Playful Modsun has been adopted and is loving life in her new home!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_111234087
  • CollageMaker_20210314_153820661

Bear (was Tyson)

Adopted February 2021

The beautiful boy Tyson has been adopted too and has been given a fabulous new name of Bear, we think it really suits him!

  • CollageMaker_20210314_160925184
  • CollageMaker_20210305_105026495


Adopted February 2021

The gorgeous Suki was very popular on our Facebook page so we're not at all surprised she's been snapped up so quickly! Be happy gorgeous girl!


  • CollageMaker_20210205_111343580.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210226_194927929.jpg

Dawson (was Jack)

Adopted February 2021

The beautiful Jack has found his happy ending! We'd like to wish this boy the best of luck in his new home!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_111903137
  • CollageMaker_20210314_153626570

Willow (was Dora)

Adopted February 2021

This little girly has ofund her happy ending too and we couldn't be any happier for her!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_111421218.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210226_194844877.jpg

Winston (was Billy)

Adopted February 2021

Our playful boy Billy has found the humans that will love him forever! Well done big man!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_111118961
  • CollageMaker_20210226_222237845


Adopted February 2021

The sweet girly Nova has now found her happy ending too!

  • CollageMaker_20210202_175835531
  • CollageMaker_20210305_105124150

Hera (was Zenia)

Adopted February 2021

What a loving lady Zenia was, we are so happy she's now found her happily ever after!

  • CollageMaker_20210209_132009410.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210226_194606612.jpg

Patrick (was Storm)

Adopted February 2021

Our bouncy boy Storm has gotten himself a forever home too! Be happy gorgeous boy!

  • CollageMaker_20210226_201658592
  • CollageMaker_20210314_153527421


Adopted February 2021

After patiently waiting and being returned due to no fault of his own Samson has also found his happy ending and we couldn't be any happier for our golden oldie!

  • CollageMaker_20210205_110834667
  • CollageMaker_20210305_132457350

Bruin (was Bob)

Adopted February 2021

Our shy boy Bob has been adopted too! He's making great progress in his forever home and now has a bautiful new name of Bruin!

  • CollageMaker_20210305_142254784
  • CollageMaker_20210307_105846044

Loco (was Finley)

Adopted February 2021

Our sweet Finely made some great progress here at Oakwood and now she gets to continue this in a forever home!

  • CollageMaker_20210226_192720547
  • CollageMaker_20210311_215020951


Adopted February 2021

Sweet girl Rosie found a loveley family that looked past her shyness and decided to adopt her anyway, she's now doing great in her forever home!

  • CollageMaker_20210226_194058728.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210305_103933973.jpg


Adopted February 2021

Our happy boy Rex has found his forever home, we're not at all surprised this boy was snapped up so quickly!

  • CollageMaker_20210314_152729708
  • CollageMaker_20210314_153324112


Adopted February 2021

Our sweet golden oldie Sara that has sadly terurned to our centre after her owner passed away has got a second chance at a happy ending and we couldn;t be any happier for her!

  • CollageMaker_20210226_193123245
  • CollageMaker_20210314_160729899


Adopted February 2021

Willow charmed her new family in her viewing and they decided to give her the forever home she so truely deserves! well done beautiful girl!

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March 2021

So far this month we have rehomed 9 dogs

  • CollageMaker_20210226_192852598.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210311_210649632.jpg

Sami (was Benetar)

Adopted March 2021

Benetar was a sweet but shy girl desperate to find a loving family home - and now that's exactly what she's got!

  • CollageMaker_20210314_152612239
  • CollageMaker_20210311_214633846

Lola (was Rachel)

Adopted March 2021

Rachel was a shy girl and it took a couple of days for her to settle in at home but her new family were very patient with her and she's doing very well now!


  • CollageMaker_20210314_152446311
  • CollageMaker_20210311_210518124

Theodore (was Cobain)

Adopted March 2021

Cobain arrived at our centre completely traumatised by his past - he was very scared and extremely underweight - luckily he now has a loving family to take care of him and he's making great progress

  • CollageMaker_20210226_194013221.jpg
  • CollageMaker_20210311_210804833.jpg

Milo (was Noodle)

Adopted March 2021

Cheeky boy Noodle found his happy ending too! We'd like to wish him the best of luck in his new home!

  • CollageMaker_20210226_193441243
  • CollageMaker_20210312_095407920

Pebbles (was Petra)

Adopted March 2021

Petra was such a cheeky girl she made us laugh every single day! Now she's having the best time with her new family and her doggy brother!

  • CollageMaker_20210226_201052443
  • CollageMaker_20210226_195022724

Wobble (was Gwyn)

Adopted March 2021

Gwyn was our disabled dog that was hit by a car back in Romania, we've put him in a foster home and his new dad has now made things official and adopted him!

  • CollageMaker_20210226_194133093
  • CollageMaker_20210314_152322596

Bailey (was Persephone)

Adopted March 2021

We can't believe this girl wasn't snapped up sooner - she was just so loving and full of fun! Clearly she was just waiting for her perfect home and that's exactly what she found!

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Elsie (was Valentine)

Adopted March 2021

This beautiful girl started coming out of her shell very quickly and showed us her sweet and loving personality, she now gets to grow in confidence in her forever home!

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Adopted March 2021

Our cheeky boy Benji discovered his love of toys in kennels, we hope he gets as many toys as he can dream of in his forever home!

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