Information on Snowy

2 years, Male, Small Mixed Breed (Dachshund size)

Little Snowy was the most nervous of the newbies when he arrived. He walked away from us and did his own this for a while before deciding to make friends. 

Snowy is extremely skinny and his skin and coat were filthy and covered in flea dirt, he also had very tight matts behind his ears which pulled at his skin.

He is beginning to warm up to people and is showing us that he is a happy little chap and a loving dog in the making. 

His matts hurt him a lot so we have removed what we can but he was in quite a bit of pain and was not happy to allow us to continue cutting them out.

Snowy has the makings to be a lovely boy in the right home. 

He does prefer to be the only dog and has been known to grumble at other dogs when they come close to him. He does go out for walks with Melody and some of the other dogs so he could walk with friends or family dogs in future.

Home Needed:

Kids: Over 15yrs

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Fencing: 4ft minimum

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