Information on Ellie

1 year, Female, Medium Mixed Breed (Collie size)

Ellie is a very timid and shy dog that needs a very patient home to take them on. When Ellie arrived they were traumatized by the transport and hid away from us in fear.

Ellie is a dog that will require time and patience to come out of their shell and learn to ‘be a dog’. They are a project but the rewards from adopting a dog like Ellie outweigh the struggles they may have at the beginning.

Ellie is a dog that has never wagged their tail at us in the rescue and they have never loved a human before. When taking on a dog like Ellie you become their whole world, they finally learn to trust humans and learn that not all humans are scary.

Ellie cannot currently be touched at the rescue and so has never known a kind hand. The day that you can touch Ellie will be an incredibly special moment for you both…

Ellie is not currently lead trained as they are so frightened. Staff will advise you on how to teach them to walk on a lead when they are ready.

Home Needed:

Kids: Over 16yrs

Dogs: MUST live with another dog

Cats: No

Fencing: 6ft minimum

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