Information on Ela

Approx 1 year, Female, Size: Small/Medium (Cocker Spaniel size)

Ela's Romania back story is absolutely horrific - not much is known about her full time in Romania, but she was found with an elastic band around her neck which cut deep into her skin causing awful wounds.

These wounds have now all healed and we cannot believe how friendly she is considering her poor treatment from people.

Ela is a bouncy and active dog that is looking for a fun and loving family with sensible kids over 10 years to take her home and help her forget about her awful past.

She can play mouthe and display puppy-like behaviours. She is still in her junior stage and is approximately 18-19 months old. She will need training to help her learn some boundaries and manners with people.

Ela is very full on with other dogs and can be a bit rude with her play-style which puts dogs off wanting to play with her. She would benefit with some dog socialisation to teach her what is and is not an appropriate greeting and play behaviour with other dogs.

As she can be boisterous with other dogs she is best suited to a pet-free home. She could potentially meet and socialise with other dogs in future if work is put in with her.

Ela is not suitable to live with cats.

Home needed:

Puppy mouthes and jumps up

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