Information on Crystal

1 year, Female, Medium Mixed Breed (Collie size)

Crystal is a gorgeous girlie and her stunning looks will get her some attention!

She was very frightened coming off transport, she did not trust us or want to be handled and had to come off of the van in a crate.

Shortly after arriving she started to notice the other dogs playing on the field and wanted to join. It has come apparent to us that Crystal really wants to be around other dogs and is much more comfortable around them than people.

She is doing well – at first, we could not touch her, however, over the past few days she has allowed bits of touch. She is not fully confident with this as will lick her lips to let us know that she can become uncomfortable, so we allow her to move away when she is done interacting.

Crystal could live in a home with sensible children over 13 years that will give her space when she needs it.

Crystal would very much like to live with a medium-large male dog which will give her lots of confidence in the home.

She has not been cat tested; therefore, she cannot live with a cat.

Crystal is too timid to walk on a lead at the moment and needs lots of time and patience. Staff will show you how to do this for when she is ready.

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