Information on Allison

7 years, Female, Large Mixed Breed (Lab size)

Allison came to us from a different shelter and had been there for years with no hope of finding her forever home.

She's a large size but arrived very overweight so will need to continue a diet in the home to help her shed some excess weight which will make it easier on her joints.

Allison is very affectionate when she knows you, she can jump up and loves to say hi - but she can be unsure as she has seen very limited people throughout her life.

She starts off shy with new people but soon becomes friendly  - visitors need to be introduced in accordance to the advice given by staff. She will need someone who is around the house more, she can sit and shake if she's left on her own which is heart-breaking to see. Her forever home will need to work on leaving her so she understands that her parents will come back to her.

She can socialise with some dogs but isn't keen to share her people with other dogs so needs to live as an only dog. The shelter that she came from makes lots of dogs live together so many are regressed and get along with other dogs in order to survive and keep out of fatal fights. At the centre she has started to realise that she no longer needs to get on with other dogs in order to survive so prefers to be in the company of people who are nice to her.

She can walk on a lead and with a bit of practice will be able to go out on long walks with her owners.

She can duck down when touched which shows she's still nervous of lots of handling so she needs a mature family that will not overwhelm her.

Home Needed:

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