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    Sex: Male

    Age: 1 year (D.O.B: 18/06/17)

    Breed: Crossbreed

    Size: ME=edium

    About me: Hello, I'm Toby and I may not be big, but I have a massive personality! I love to play with toys and sit for treats!

    History: I was bullied in the Romanian kennels by older dogs, I also was rather poorly too. One day I spotted a lady in one of the pens greeting other dogs so I decided to squeeze myself through the fences to go and meet her. I had to tell her I wanted to go to Oakwood as I've heard that they can help me get a loving home!

    What I am looking for: I would like a home with lots of toys and comfy spots! I would also love for someone to continue my basic training with me!

    Specific requirements: No children, dogs or cats.

    Adoption fee: £200

    Free training: 4 weeks

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