SALLY - Reserved

"The great outdoors is where I am happiest"

Sex - Female

Age - 4 years

Breed - Crossbreed

Size - Extra large

About me: I am a big, loving friendly girl who just loves being around people and being in the great outdoors. I much prefer to be outside than inside. 

History: Who is that mangy looking mutt down below? Oh wait, that was me when I was in Romania. I didn't get much food over there and nobody gave me any love. I only had my friend George who shared a small, dirty pen with me.  But look at me now! Thanks to the sponsorship of a lovely human, I was able to come to the UK to look for a home of my own. I bet George wouldn't even recognise me now. 

What I'm looking for: A home where I can spend lots of time outdoors and someone who will take me for lovely walks.


Specific requirements: I love small humans but because of my size it's probably best that I live with children over 10.  I would need to be the only dog and I don't like cats. The most important thing I need is a nice, big, secure garden so I can spend lots of time outside. 

I am also a famous movie star. Check out my video here: Sally's video 

Adoption Fee - £200

Free Training - 4 weeks