"Is that your squeaky toy? I'll have that thanks!"

Sex - Female

Age - 6 Years

Breed - Crossbreed

Size - Medium

About me: Hi! I'm Pip. Lets be friends! I am a confident, friendly girl who loves to play. Squeaky toys are my absolute favourite thing. And belly scratches. They are just the best. 

History: I was a street dog in Romania before being captured and taken to a shelter which was not a nice place. I was sponsored by a lovely person to come to the UK. I like it here at Oakwood but I have been here a while and would really like to find my forever home. 

What I'm looking for: I'd like a home with some squeaky toys and some personal tummy scratchers at my beck and call. 


Specific requirements: I would like a home with no small people. Another male dog may be ok and I guess I could put up with a cat too. 

Adoption Fee - £200

Free Training - 4 weeks