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Sex - Male

Age - 3 Years Old

Breed - Siberian Husky

Size - Large

History - Buka arrived into rescue as a puppy and was adopted but he came back after his adopters abandoned him! Buka belongs to SHARE rescue and is currently staying at Oakwood while he finds his new home.

Personality - Buka is affectionate and full of beans. He loves playing with people but he isn't keen on other dogs. He has been learning to walk nicely on a lead and he really, really, loves food and so is easy to train!

A little message from Buka -

“What have you got there? Can I eat it?"


Sponsor a Kennel

Sponsor a Kennel

To help us raise much-needed funds for our rescues we are updating our Sponsor a Kennel scheme. We have estimated that each of our kennels costs £40 per month to run. This covers the cost of the rates, utilities, vets bills, staff wages, and anything else the dogs may need.

The new scheme will include part and full kennel sponsorship, and have options for the length of time you can sponsor the kennel for. For your donation you will have your name on the kennel for the time of your sponsorship, your name will also appear on this page. Dogs who are in foster homes will also be included in the scheme as we still have to cover the cost of their vets bills and the cost of the kennel when they are in the centre. We take sponsorships from individual's, couples, families, companies/groups or even in memorial of a loved one or pet.

Sponsorship Options

Full Kennel Sponsorship - £40 per month

Part Kennel Sponsorship - £10 per month

Availability periods - 6 Months or 12 Months


 maintenance  zak 3  alpha  penny
 Kennel 1 Kennel 2  Kennel 3  Kennel 4 

Sponsored by -

Paula and Eddy Cotton

Steve Riby

Lincs Electrical Wholesales Ltd

In loving memory of-


Current Resident -  Maintenance 

Sponsored by -

Kate and Dan (Full sponsorship)





 Current Resident - Zak

Sponsored by -

Allan and Nicole Harkin

Sam Rogerson

Steve Riby

Lincs Electrical Wholesales Ltd


Current Resident - Alpha 

Sponsored by -

CS Vehicle Repairs (Full sponsorship)





Current Resident - Penny


 nelson  rena2  bully 2  bonnie
 Kennel 5 Kennel 6  Kennel 7 Kennel 8

In loving memory of - 

Bella (Full Sponsorship)






Current Resident - Nelson


Lincs Electrical Wholesales Ltd

Part Sponsorship Available

In loving memory of -

Steven Key

Donna Edge



Current Resident - Rena

(Assessment for another rescue)

Sponsored by -

Lincs Electrical Wholesales Ltd

Dorchester Primary School

Part Sponsorship Available




Current Resident - Bully


Sponsored by -

Katie Andrews

Heidi, Hannah and Lilly  

Part Sponsorship Available                   




Current Resident - Bonnie



Payment Methods

Direct Debit -



Bank Transfer - 

Account No. 30709560

Sort Code: 77-12-07 


Cash (payment in full only)


Cheque (payment in full only) - 

Made payable to Oakwood Dog Rescue


Application Form

Sponsor a Kennel Form
  • Where did you hear about us?:
  • Full or Part Kennel Sponsor?:
  • How long would you like to sponsor a kennel for?:
  • Payment Method:
  • If you are a UK Taxpayer will you consent to us claiming Gift Aid on your donation?:



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