About the Rescue

About the Rescue


All our policies hinge on this goal... 


'One Home Only' - it is not about re-homing dogs as fast as possible but ensuring they stay in the home they have found. This process is started with a unique adoption package. 

Spurred on by the generosity and enthusiasm of all our supporters, Oakwood are now in a position to be able to help a greater number of dogs than ever before.  

Great things can be achieved with the help of our many generous supporters working together towards a common goal, creating more happiness for every dog that ends up at Oakwood Dog Rescue.

Operating since 2009, the rescue helps all dogs of any breed or age including those with special needs/behaviour issues. As mentioned above the goal is to rehabilitate and re-home them to loving homes, where they can live out the rest of their years in a happy, loving environment. 

The charity is privately funded and receives no government or large scale support. The sheer generosity of the public is the only reason the rescue can continue its work. The centre costs around £8k per month to run. To raise this money, fundraising events are held every weekend. Currently there are no surplus funds, and the centre is operating on a month by month basis. Your help and support is critical to our survival. 

The rescue has capacity to care for up to 40 dogs at any one time, with the help of our fantastic foster homes. The design and setup of the rescue facilities ensure the highest welfare for dogs in our care. The centre is made up of individual kennels and a number of rooms, halls, yards and fields where the dogs can run, play and rest together all day. Sociable dogs also enjoy the doggy day-school which runs during the week. Our network of foster homes provides invaluable care for a number of dogs during their time in rescue. 

Any dogs that are not able to mix with other dogs have their own kennel and are taken out for up to 4 walks each day. This is only possible because of generous volunteers who give up their time to take these dogs for walks. 

All kennelled dogs are given Kongs and chews to keep them busy. Each kennel is equipped with a bed to make them more homely and comfortable. To help keep the dogs as relaxed as possible, music is played throughout the day and we have plug in diffusers around the centre to help minimise barking and reduce stress. As a result our kennels are fairly quiet in comparison to many rescues. 

The dogs we take in come from all sorts of backgrounds; from owners who are simply unable to care for them, to the streets of Romania. You can follow the journey of many of our rescues on our facebook page.  

The rescue centre is open with the fact that we do not operate a 'no put to sleep' policy. For dogs that are severely mentally or physically ill, it is sometimes the kinder option to end their suffering rather than resign them to living in a kennel for the next 10 years. Luckily since the rescue began in 2009, we've only had to make this difficult decision a handful of times and it is never an easy decision. All options regarding training and potential re-homing are exhausted before considering this option. 

There are no time limits or deadline dates for a healthy dog to be re-homed. Time will be spent working with them to make them more desirable to families. 

Each dog will be played with and socialised on a daily basis and we aim to teach each of them a level of basic obedience. 

A typical day at Oakwood Rescue involves:

7am-8am - All sociable dogs are let out into the field/yards and kennel dogs taken for individual walks for toileting

8am-9am - Breakfast time! 

9am-12pm - Morning playtime in the hall and field for those in doggy day-school. Dogs in the kennels go for walks throughout the morning when our fantastic volunteers come. Chews, bones, Kongs and treats are dished out to keep the dogs occupied.

12pm-1pm - Lunch time! An extra meal of the day for those underweight or growing puppies

1pm-5pm - Afternoon playtime in the hall and field for those in doggy day-care. Dogs in the kennels go for an afternoon nap and relax after a busy morning of walks and playtime. Time alone is good for the dogs and promotes healthy separation from humans so they can get used to being alone for periods when their new owners are out at work. Those sleeping individually are given rawhide chews, bones, Kongs or pigs ears (kindly donated by our supporters) to keep them busy.

5pm-6pm - Dinner time! Final meal of the day for our doggies.

5pm-9pm - The evening shift of dedicated volunteers come to walk the doggies some more. Some will go out into the fields for playtime and socialisation. Our rescue dogs will also take part in training sessions with staff and volunteers where appropriate.

9pm-10pm - The dogs are taken for last toilet stops and all dogs bedded down for the night. 

Panda came to Oakwood from Romania, where she had been living in a garden for the past 3 years with almost no human contact. She had given birth to at least one litter of puppies who were all taken away, only Panda was left behind. When she arrived Panda was petrified of people, but found confidence in her doggy pal Bill (now adopted Buddy) who arrived at the same time as her. It took several months for Panda to gain any sort of trust with familiar people and her training is ongoing in her new forever home. The clip is a snapshot of Panda enjoying the life during her time as an Oakwood Rescue!


When Ebony first arrived she was a quivering wreck in the kennel, so scared she would shy away when you went nearer and couldn't bear to look anyone in the eye. After just 2 days she had changed into this beautiful playful girl, all from just giving her a bit of time and space and the introduction of a couple of toys! Ebony is now enjoying her new home with a loving family.