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Age: 5 years

Breed: Lab X

About me: I came from the streets of Romania before I was captured and put in a shelter there. It’s not a nice place like Oakwood. We were lucky if we even got fed every day, there were definitely no toys or treats. I would probably have died there.

Why I need a Foster Home: I have a limp and so we went to the vets. The x-rays show my left leg is badly deformed and it needs to be removed. I need a home to recuperate in after my operation and to adjust to life as a 3 legged doggy before I can be adopted.

What I’m looking for: I need someone who can care for me after my surgery and get me back on my paws and ready to find my forever home. I need a foster home with no doggies, cats or children under 13years.


Mouse - Available

Sex - Female

Age - 2 years

About me -  Hello! My name is Mouse and I am so happy to have arrived here at Oakwood. The humans are getting to know me and they tell me they are going to help me find my forever home!

History - I am another very lucky dog who got sponsored and was able to escape the tough conditions of the Romanian dog shelter. 

What I'm looking for - I could live with a male dog and children over 10. I haven't met a cat so I can't say if I like them. 

Adoption Fee - £200

Free Training - 4 weeks

Raising money for Oakwood


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