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    Sex - Female

    Age - 1 year (D.O.B - 18.01.17)

    Breed - Crossbreed

    Size - Large

    About me: Hi humans, my name is Lara. I love people and going on nice walks. I am also happy to amuse myself with toys. That is fun!

    History: I was a street dog in Romania where surviving was hard. I was captured and taken to a shelter but life there wasn't much better. I was really lucky and a nice person sponsored me to come to the UK to find my forever home. 

    What I am looking for: I am fun and friendly but sometimes I need discipline so I am looking for humans that are experienced dog owners who have the time and patience to help with my doggy development. 

    Specific Requirements: I don't want to live with children or any other dogs. I haven't met one of these cat things yet.

    If you fancy seeing me in action, please click the link to watch my video!

    Adoption Fee - £200

    Free Training - 4 weeks