"I give Oakwood 5 paws on Tripadvisor"

Sex - Female

Age - 1 year

Breed -  Pekingese X

Size - Small

About me: Hello there, my name is Judy!  I am a pretty quiet girl and I love to show my affection, so if you need a cuddle you know where I am! I enjoy going for walks and I am very well behaved on my lead, I like to walk with a doggy friend but I don't mind going on my own either.

History: I was rescued from the harsh conditions of the Romanian public shelter where life is really hard for small dogs like me. I had to fight for survival and never had any love from humans.

What I'm looking for: I am on the look out for a quiet home where someone can dedicate their affection to me as I haven't really had much of a loving start to life until I came to Oakwood.

Specific requirements: I could live with a male dog and children over 10. As yet, I have not been introduced to one of these cat creatures I've heard spoken of. 

Adoption Fee - £200

Free Training - 4 weeks