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Sex - Male

Age - 3 Years Old

Breed - Siberian Husky

Size - Large

History - Buka arrived into rescue as a puppy and was adopted but he came back after his adopters abandoned him! Buka belongs to SHARE rescue and is currently staying at Oakwood while he finds his new home.

Personality - Buka is affectionate and full of beans. He loves playing with people but he isn't keen on other dogs. He has been learning to walk nicely on a lead and he really, really, loves food and so is easy to train!

A little message from Buka -

“What have you got there? Can I eat it?"


Dogs We've Rehomed

OPIE - Adopted July 2017

Age - 7 months

Sex - Male

Breed - Spaniel

History - Opie's owner reported him to have some challenging behaviour they no longer felt able to handle. After careful assessment we recognised Opie was nervous and with plenty of encouragement he's now doing great!

JORJA - Adopted July 2017

Age - 1 year

Sex - Female

Breed - Mastiff X

History -  Jorja had a loving home but change of personal circumstances meant her owners could not meet Jorja's needs. She's a big, boisterous girl and so needed lots of extra attention and training from staff to her developing into a well rounded adult dog.

PATCH - Adopted July 2017

Age - 5 months

Sex - Male

Breed - Jack Russell

History - Patch was given up by his owner who was moving house and wasn't taking him along.

MILO (was Norman) - Adopted June 2017

Age - 18 months

Sex - Male

Breed - Shih Tzu

History - Due to a change in personal circumstances Milo was staying in kennels regularly. His family wanted to give him the chance to find a new home where he could be more settled.

MISTY - Adopted June 2017

Age - 3 years

Sex - Female

Breed - Pug

History - Misty came into rescue because she lived with some children who made her feel unsettled. She thought they were going to take her things so she had started to protect her food and belongings.

BUSTER - Adoption pending

Age - 8 months (D.O.B. 16/09/16)

Sex - Male

Breed - German Shepherd x Rottie

History - Buster was purchased by an older lady, she couldn't cope with his normal puppy behaviours and gave him away to someone else. That family didn't feel able to look after him either and gave him to us after 2 weeks. We are his 4th home in 4 months and we have no idea why, he's the sweetest little guy!

RUBY - Adopted April 2017

Age - 5 years old

Sex - Female

Breed - Shih Tzu

History - Ruby was handed in to rescue because she lived with children and didn't like them touching her things.

LADY - Adopted March 2017

Age - 2 years

Sex - Female

Breed - Spaniel X

History - Lady can be nervous and does not like children. She was unhappy living with them so her family gave her up for adoption.

THOR - Adopted March 2017

Age - 9 months (D.O.B. 27/05/16)

Sex - Male

Breed - Husky X

History - Thor was handed in by a lady who worked full time so was unable to give Thor the attention he needed.

DOUGAL - Adopted March 2017

Age - 7 months (D.O.B. 23/07/16)

Sex - Male

Breed - Pomeranian

History - Dougal was purchased by an older lady as a puppy. She did not feel able to appropriately care for Dougal. He'd never really been walked, nor did he have any idea about how to interact with strangers, children, dogs or other animals. He was left on his own quite alot.

MOLLY - Adopted March 2017

Age - 7 months (D.O.B. 25/07/16)

Sex - Female

Breed - Akita X

History - Molly grew up around other dogs and children. She'd had lots of socialisation and some basic training. Molly's owner realised they couldn't give her the exercise and stimulation she needed and so made the sad decision to give her up for adoption.

A little message from the family:  

"Molly is just the perfect dog, and has made our family jigsaw complete."  

ERNIE - Adopted Feb 2017

Age - 8 months

Sex - Male

Breed - Labrador

History - Ernie was handed into rescue because they didn't have time to care for him. He was not neutered and had no basic training but was very eager to learn.

ZAK - Adopted Feb 2017  

Age - 2 Years Old

Sex - Male

Breed - Collie X Kelpie

History - Zak originally came into rescue at 11 months old from a family who locked him in a room on his own as they couldn't cope with his energy levels. As a result he craves attention and is incredibly affectionate.

Zak's bandage is because of a cut to his paw. Nothing serious!

ALPHA - Adopted Jan 2017

Sex - Male

Age - Approx 4 Years Old

Breed - Siberian HuskySize - Large

History - Alpha was offered free to good home on an online selling site. He spent 2 years in rescue before the right family came along.

DAVE - Adopted Jan 2017

Age - Approx 2 Years Old

Sex - Male

Breed - Romanian Collie X

History - Dave was brought over to the uk from Romania as a puppy where he had been rescued from a "Kill shelter". He was distressed in a home with children and relinquished to rescue.

NOVA - Adopted Jan 2017

Age - 5 months

Sex - Female

Breed - Husky X

History - Found abandoned by the side of a very busy 60mph road with her two littermates. The puppies were not left with any food, water, shelter, they only had each

Luca - ADOPTED 2016

Age - 12 weeks

Sex - Male

Breed - Husky X

History - Found abandoned by the side of a very busy 60mph road with his two littermates. The puppies were not left with any food, water, shelter, they only had each other.

Bruce (was Toska) - ADOPTED 2016

Age - 12 weeks

Sex - Male

Breed - Husky X

History - Found abandoned by the side of a very busy 60mph road with my two littermates. The puppies were not left with any food, water, shelter, they only had each other.

Nancy (Was Xsara) - ADOPTED 2016

Age - 7 Years Old

Sex - Female

Breed - Old English Sheepdog

History - Zara was with her previous family from being a puppy. When her owners had a new baby, Zara struggled to cope with no longer being the sole focus of the family and her family werent able to continue to meet her needs, they made the difficult decision to rehome her.

Cooper - ADOPTED 2016

Age - 3 Years Old 

Sex - Male 

Breed - American Bulldog x Ridgeback x Mastiff 

History - Cooper was a puppy born at Oakwood rescue kennels. He was adopted out at 8 weeks and has lived a good life in a family home but unfortunatekly due to some personal circumstances they could no longer provide the time he deserves so made the hard decision to hand him back to us for us to find him another family home.

Tilly - ADOPTED 2016

Age - 3 Years Old 

Sex - Female 

Breed - Boxer 

History - Tilly was handed into the rescue due to the previous owner simply not having time for her due to work commitments.

A little message from the family:

"We adopted Tilly during summer 2016 and it's the best decision we've ever made! Our favourite thing about Tilly is her whole body wiggles when we walk through the door and her tail never stops wagging! Our favourite activity is to go on a nice long beach walk and throwing balls. We love her unconditionally and she lights up our lives."

Bobby - ADOPTED 2016

Sex - Male 

Age - 20 months 

Breed - Chihuahua X 

History - Bobby was handed in to us as he was struggling to live in a busy household with children and other dogs.

A little message from the family:

"Ever since Bobby arrived our house he has seemed so much happier. His lovely happy little face gives us something to look forward to seeing. Since we got him in November he achieved his first 'well behaved dog' rosette and continues to learn new tricks. We're looking forward to many happy years with Bobby by our side."

Bonnie- ADOPTED 2016

Sex- Female 

Age- 8 years

Breed- Bull mastiff x

History- Bonnie was handed in due to a change in circumstances, we were having trouble finding her a home due to her medical conditions which would mean ongoing costs. Thankfully due to our amazing supporters we were able to set up a fund to ensure that there would always be enough money to fund her medical care for her future owners. Shortly after this Bonnie found her forever home, just in time for christmas.

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