Dogs We've Rehomed


18. Dougal - Adopted February 2020

17. Thistle - Adopted February 2020

16. Sara - Adopted February 2020

15. Riley - Adopted February 2020

14. Frank - Adopted February 2020

13. Rufus - Adopted February 2020

12. Bertha - Adopted February 2020

11. Lexi - Adopted February 2020

10. Sprout (now Penny) - Adopted February 2020

Our beautiful girl Sprout has found her forever family! They have also given her a gorgeous new name! She will now be known as Penny!

We wish you all the love and luck in the world Penny! Go live your best life, you deserve it little one!

9. Holly - Adopted February 2020

This little sweetie Holly has barely been with us for 2 weeks and has been snapped up already!

She was an absolute pleasure to have around and we couldn't be happier for her finding her forever home so soon!

Good luck in your new home with your doggo brother, mum and dad Holly!We love you!

8. Poppy - Adopted February 2020

We have some amazing news!

Someone has finally taken a chance on our little lady Poppy! This has been such a long time coming for our precious girl and we are absolutely over the moon for her!

She trotted off down south with her lovely new family to live a life of luxury in her very own home!

We will miss you so much Pops but w couldn't be happier for you! Go live the life you were meant to! Good luck baby girl!

7. Sydney - Adopted - February 2020

Our beautiful girl Sydney has trotted off to her forever home with her new mummy!

Sydney we miss you already and wish you all the love and happiness in the world! Good luck beautiful girl!

6. Sooty - Adopted February 2020

We've had a right fun time with Sooty and his new family during his adoption appointment!

Everyone had ants in their pants and were itching get off and start their new lives together so we had to give "nice photos"a miss and instead share this awesome one of just how much fun they had. It's so lovely seeing the joy adoptions bring to the dogs and their families!

Have fun you lovely lot!

5. Finn - Adopted January 2020

This cute little fella was so scared of people he needed a special family who could give him time and gain his trust. Luckily for him he found a lovely couple who have dedicated so much time and energy into him and they decided to adopt him. It's amazing what time and love can do for a dog who's had a hard life. We are so grateful to the families who adopt our extra special dogs and give them a chance!

He still gets super scared of people but he's now got a home for life and is enjoying trips to the beach and snuggles on the sofa. He's even made a doggy friend!

Good luck little guy!

4. Kenny - Adopted January 2020

Our boy Kenny has gone off to his forever home! His new family understand his needs and will give him all the time he needs to settle in. He even got a doggy sister to play with!

Good luck in your forever home Kenny!

3. Yari - Adopted January 2020

Our sweet Yari has trotted off to his forever home! This lucky boy hasn't been with us long at all before he charmed his new parents into adopting him!

Good luck Yari! We will miss you!

2. Millie - Adopted January 2020

The beautiful and dainty Millie has trotted off to her forever home with her new mummy! Millie had had quite enough of poking and prodding, collar changing and chip scanningthat she just wanted to get home, she did not have time for photographs!

Millie arrived petrified, she hid in the back of her kennel, she ran away from you on the field and refused to walk on a lead. Over the weeks she slowly became more confident and really enjoyed having a play in the halls. Her mum understands that she still has a long way to go but she knew that Millie would never progress in kennels.

1. Isabella - Adopted January 2020 

We've had our first adoption of 2020!

Isabella arrived in March 2019 and was a terrified but sweet little girl. She's been living with a lovely foster family and they've decided to adopt her so she now has a forever home all of her own!

She's grown in confidence so much and absolutely loves going to the beach with her new mum and dad, and her big brother Lewis. 

Have a lovely life Bella!


87. Iris - Adopted December 2019

We've had our final adoption of 2019 and it's a very special one. Iris has been adopted by her foster family!

Iris wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who donated towards helping to cover her medical bills. Her vet did more x-rays and they've decided that operating on her leg will cause more problems for her than it will fix (Any remaining money donated will stay in our vets account to help out the next dog in need!) so she had the all clear to be adopted just before Christmas!

Here is Iris with her big brother Lewis. They're waiting patiently for Santa and the elves tell us they're going to get very spoilt this year. The best gift of all for Iris was her new Mum and Dad giving her a forever home!

86. Biscuit - Adopted December 2019

Biscuit has also been adopted this weekend! He spent exactly 10 months at the rescue centre. His new family adopted another dog from us last year called Lucy (you may remember her as Peg) and Biscuit absolutely loves her.

We're so happy for them all, have a lovely life little fella!

85. Pudding - Adopted December 2019

Pudding has had a very short stay at the centre and has been adopted just in time to be Christmas Pudding.

He's only little bit he certainly made a big impression on us, and his new family. We wish them all a lovely life together!

84. Ivy - Adopted December 2019

Yesterday we said goodbye to the beautiful Ivy, she has now gone to live with her new mum and dad further afield! 

Gorgeous Ivy had made quite an impression on the staff and volunteers, due to her massive personality and character. Her mum and dad fell in love with her upon first sight and couldn't wait to whisk her away to her forever home 

Wishing you 3 the very best Christmas and New year, and lots of luck in your forever home!

83. Charlie (now Archie) - Adopted December 2019

A little more upbeat news for you all today, our rescue Charlie, now Archie, has been adopted! 

Charlie was in need of a foster placement due to a health issue when he met his forever family, they knew from the off that they wanted to adopt him and so he began a foster placement with a view to adoption. It wasn't an easy placement to say the least and they had their ups and downs but everyone worked very hard to help this adoption take place. Charlie's family have big hearts, they understood that taking on a Romanian rescue would be tough, and worked with the team to help Charlie begin to settle into home life. They are still working on him and are pushing forward as a team they also know that they have lifetime support from Oakwood and that we are there to provide any advice they need. 

Wishing you all the best of luck! Here's to Charlie's first Christmas in his loving home.

82. Rosie - Adopted December 2019

Pretty Rosie has packed her bags and left the centre! She has gone to live further afield with her new Mum and Dad! As soon as this trio met they were meant to be. Rosie instantly connected with her new parents and we were told today that mum had a little tear up when Rosie entered the room the first time. 

Rosie will now have a safe, warm and loving family home this Christmas. We wish them the very best of luck together!

81. Frankie - Adopted December 2019

Our gorgeous boy Frankie was so excited to be going home with his new mummy and daddy yesterday that he couldn't sit still! He loves his dad so much he couldn't hold back the kisses! We will miss this little ball of fun so much, it may have taken a little longer than expected, but Frankie has finally found his forever home!

Good luck Franks!

80. Captain - Adopted November 2019

You won't have seen much of this special little guy as he's been living with some lovely foster carers instead of at the centre. Captain has some extra special needs because he was born with a birth defect so his legs haven't grown properly and would have probably died in Romania if he hadn't come to England. Lucky for Captain his new dad saw him and fell head over heels in love. He has now been adopted and they're looking forward to lots of sofa snuggles this winter! 

Wishing you lots of happiness boys, have fun together!

79. Callie - Adopted November 2019

Our gorgeous Callie has been adopted this week!

We try to take nice photos at adoption but sometimes the bloopers are way more fun! That has ALWAYS been the case with Callie so she's going out the way she came in, full of fun and taking life at her own pace! Her new doggy parents absolutely adore her as you can probably tell. 

We're so happy for them all! Have a wonderful life together!

78. Stanley - Adopted November 2019

Our lovely little Stanley has gone off to his forever home! This gorgeous boy really charmed his new family and they fell head over heels for him! Stanley will spend his first Christmas in the warmth and security of a loving home, rather than the cold, Arctic temperatures of the Romanian shelter.

We wish them the best of luck!

77. Llama - Adopted November 2019

Our little Llama has a furever home!! He trotted off with his new mummy and daddy this morning for his happy ever after! 

We wish this cheeky chappie the very best of luck in his new home! We will miss you!

76. Ziggy (now Kurly) - Adopted November 2019

Our little rocket Ziggy has been adopted! We couldn’t be happier for him and his new family! They have given him a new name too! He will now be called Kurly! Cos of his curly tail 

We wish you all the luck in the world Kurly. Have the best life you little cutie!

75. Willow - Adopted November 2019

Lovely little Willow has trotted off to his forever home and had been given the cuddly new name of Teddy! Willow arrived matted and filthy, but this friendly little boy caught everyone's eye and was soon sought after. 

We wish you the very best of luck little man! We have a feeling you're going to be a very spoiled doggy!

74. Louis - Adopted November 2019

We knew this gorgeous lad wouldn't stay with us for long! Louis arrived terrified and shied away from human touch. Once he realised that we weren't going to hurt him he started to show his soft and loving side. Louis, now named Kiba, has found his forever home that will allow his confidence to grow. He was a little fed up by the end of his appointment and just wanted to get home!

We wish you the very best of luck in your new home!

73. Tricksie - Adopted November 2019

Our little Tricksie trotted off home with her new mummy and daddy! She is going to be one spoilt doggo! She also has a new posh name of Lexi! 

We wish you all the love and happiness in the world Lexi! You deserve it princess!

72. Fudge - Adopted November 2019

We knew this little guy wouldn't be with us for very long either!

Fudge has been adopted this week and has scampered off to his new home. Here he is snuggled up at home with his new big Sister and his Mummy! He's already getting brave and is going out on longer walks with them which he was too scared to do before!

Have a wonderful life with your new family Fudge

71. Pepper - Adopted November 2019

The sweet, beautiful Pepper has been rehomed! 

This lovely boy wasn't with us very long due to his adoring nature! Good luck in your forever home Pepper, although your stay with us was brief we all fell deeply in love with you

70. Winnie - Adopted November 2019

Our lovely little Winnie - now known as Millie, has gone to her forever home!

Winnie arrived very malnourished and was incredibly skinny. Staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to help her pack on some pounds before her viewing in which her new family fell head over heels in love with her!

Good luck to you all, we look forward to receiving as many pupdates as possible!

69. Chewie - Adopted November 2019

Chewie arrived at Oakwood very frightened. With lots of time and patience the staff and volunteers started to rebuild his trust in people but we only made slow progress. What he really needed was a special family who could see his potential and were willing to wait until he was ready to accept them.

We're pleased to say he's finally found them and they've adopted him!! Here he is taking a snooze in his comfy new bed. They know it will take him time to trust them and love them, but they're willing to wait until he's ready!

Good luck Chewie, we couldn't be any happier for you and your new parents! 

68. Angel - Adopted October 2019 

Angel quickly became one of the favourites here at Oakwood, her sweet nature won over the hearts of volunteers and dog walkers in no time so no wonder she's been snapped up by her new family!

Good luck Angel!

67. Alfie - Adopted October 2019

The adorable Alfie has also been adopted! This shy boy went into foster and after a little while his parents decided to adopt him! 

Good luck Alfie! 

66. Caden - Adopted October 2019 

After 13 viewings and months spent in rescue our sweet little lady Caden has finally been adopted. She waited a long time for that special someone to take her home and we couldn't be any happier for her. 

Good luck in your new home Caden! 

65. Hugo - Adopted October 2019

Our sweet Hugo has trotted of with a loving and patient family. He started of very shy and it's been amazing to watch his confidence grow. 

Good luck Hugo! We hope you get all the belly rubs you want!

64. Smokey (now Mable) - Adopted October 2019

We have some wonderful news!

After 647 days in rescue, 3 surgeries, some wonderful vets, a dedicated team of staff and volunteers and thousands of pounds donated by our absolutely amazing and generous supporters, a wonderful lady with a space in her heart & her home, and.....


This little lady has been an absolute labour of love. We've had so many ups and downs with this little poppet, it's been amazing to see the relationship develop between her and her new Mummy. It was love at first sniff! True to form, she refused to pose for photos and rolled over and demanded a belly rub. 

We wish you the best of luck in your forever home Smokey!

63. Cara - Adopted October 2019

This beautiful, goofy, fluffball has also been adopted! We waved farewell to Cara who gave her new family the run around trying to get a nice family photo. 

We liked the bloopers the best! Have a lovely life pretty lady!   

62. Bez - Adopted October 2019 

This gorgeous boy literally bounced out of our centre with his new Mummy this weekend. We didn't have you very long Bez but you certainly made an impression. 

Good luck in your new home monster chops, we'll miss you!

61. Buddy - Adopted October 2019

All your sharing, likes and comments finally found Buddy his forever home! 

Buddy was one of our more nervous dogs and found the life in kennels difficult! He was being overlooked as he was so shy but look how relaxed he looks after only a few days!

After over 3 years in rescue he now has his own family! We wish you and your new family the best of luck!

60. Sasha (now Maisie) - Adopted October 2019

We have some lovely news to brighten up a miserable rainy Sunday! Sasha has been adopted! She's going to be called Maisie now and we've just had a message to say she's curled up asleep on the backseat of the car on her way home to North Yorkshire! 

Have a lovely life together the 3 of you!

59. Ollie - Adopted October 2019 

Little Ollie has skipped off to his new mum and dad! Ollie wasn't at the centre for long but his sweet nature definitely caught the hearts of staff and volunteers! 

We wish you all of the very best Ollie!

58. Cassie - Adopted October 2019 

Our little duracell bunny, Cassie has found her forever, loving home! Cassie literally bounded into the viewing, and into their hearts. She has a new mummy and daddy who are in love with her and a new sister than cannot wait to start training with this brainy little lady! 

We wish them all of the best of luck!

57. Sheep (now Rosie) - Adopted September 2019

Our sweet little girlie Sheep has found her furever home! 

This little lap dog is going to be spoilt rotten by her new mummy and daddy! They have even given her a beautiful new name of Rosie! She may not have been here long but she definitely pulled on some heartstrings while she was!

 Please join us in wishing Rosie and her new parents all the best for their future together! Good luck!

56. Izzy - Adopted September 2019

If you have followed us for any length of time you will have seen Izzy's face plastered everywhere. This shy, yet stunning lady struggled so much in the kennels and was awaiting her forever home for 10 months! 

Izzy has FINALLY been rehomed. As soon as she met her new family we knew it was meant to be, she got along great with her new brother and was putting her paw on her new mum and dad asking for treats. This was the most confident the staff had seen her with new people. 

Izzy grew up in a Romanian shelter and never had a positive bond with a human. Originally she was so petrified she would wee if you touched her. She has really taken to her new mum and dad and has already started to create such a special bond with them. She was almost unrecognisable on her home check as she bounded over with confidence to greet us, tail up in the air waggling!

55. Alf - Adopted September 2019

The gorgeous cuddle-bug Alf has found his forever mummy and daddy! He arrived very nervous and slowly became friendlier the longer he was at the centre. Alf was great meeting his new sister and loves play time! Apart from being a little scared of the car Alf has started to settle in very well - we wish you all of the very best guys!

54. Brockers - Adopted September 2019

Brockers has gone off to his new home! This little man charmed his new owners the second he trotted into the hall! Brockers had started to become a little wary around new people, but luckily his new mum and dad have been very patient with him and are looking forward to letting him find his feet in his new home. 

We wish you the very best of luck little man

53. Jax- Adopted September 2019

Our little survivor Jax has returned to full health and found his furever family! 

We couldn’t be happier for him! He trotted off home with his dad to see the rest of his new family and he looked so happy!

Good luck for the future little man! We will miss you so so much!

52. Mervin (now Alfie) - Adopted September 2019

Finally our little love Mervin has been adopted!  

He’s trotted off to his furever home with his new mummy & daddy and we can tell he is going to be one spoilt little boy! They have even given him a lovely new name of Alfie!  

We want to wish Alfie and his lovely new family all the luck in the world in their new lives together! We miss you already!

51. Hazel - Adopted September 2019

This gorgeous little poppet has been adopted! 

Hazel is such a timid little girl but she won the hearts of her new owners and 4 legged brother Lenny the moment they met her. She's had a big week getting to know them and having her collar changed and chips scanned made her a bit scared so when we posed for photos she'd just had enough and wanted to go home, and we can't blame her.  

We hope you enjoy your new home sweetie pie, you will definitely be very well loved!

50. Simba (now Buddy) - Adopted September 2019

Our 50th dog Rehomed in 2019 has left the building!

The beautiful natured Simba - now named Buddy, has caught the hearts of his new mum and has trotted off to his forever home! He was definitely one of the staff and volunteer favourites, he just wanted cuddles and love. 

Wishing you all of the best!

49. Mirren (now Lola) - Adopted August 2019

The scruffy, matted bundle of fluff who arrived a few weeks ago has transformed into this gorgeous girl!

Mirren captured the hearts of her new family and today they've adopted her! She's got a new name too, she's now going to be called Lola. Have fun in your new home beautiful lady!

48. Marnie - Adopted August 2019

Our sweet little Marnie trotted off to her forever home today. She has won the hearts of her new family with her loving nature and adorable smile!

We wish you all the best of luck!

47. Yogi - Adopted August 2019

Our lovely Yogi has trotted off with his new mum and dad today! Look how content he is! 

We wish our little man all the very best of luck!

46. Freddie - Adopted August 2019

Our little Freddie has finally found his furever home! He happily trotted off to his new home wagging his tail this afternoon! 

We would like to wish Freddie and his new mummy and daddy the very best of luck in their new lives together! We will miss you so much Fred’s but we are so happy for you!

45. Ruby (now Molly) - Adopted August 2019

Our little newbie Ruby has found her furever home! She has two big fur brothers and a mummy & Daddy to spoil her with loves and attention! 

They have also given her a pretty new name of Molly!  We would like to like to wish Molly and her new family all the luck in the world! You really deserve this princess! We miss your beautiful face already! 

Have the best life!

44. Winston (now Loki) - Adopted August 2019

The lovely big bear, Winston has found himself a forever home with his new mummy! Winston was a firm favourite with all that met him and just loved to give hugs to everyone!

We wish you the best of luck in your new home big man!

43. Bobita - Adopted August 2019

Remember our little golden oldie Bobita? Well, he has finally been adopted! His foster carer fell in love with him and couldn't part with him! 

Bob spent almost his entire 10 years not knowing true human affection and was stuck in shelters. When he came over to the UK he needed some medical treatment and went into foster. Since then we have had lots of fabulous updates and he has settled in well! 

We wish you the very best of luck Bobby

42. Eddie - Adopted July 2019 

Little Eddie has trotted off this morning with his new dad to his forever home! 

When Eddie first arrived, he was very scared but very quickly he let his sweet personality shine through!

We wish you the best of luck Eddie!

41. Luna - Adopted July 2019

Remember this gorgeous face? That's right, Luna has been adopted! This sweet girl went into foster a couple of months back to be treated for a medical problem and charmed her foster family so much that they decided to keep her.

Luna arrived at the kennels so timid and skinny, the 121 environment the foster home has provided her with has given her so much confidence and you can't see her ribs anymore! 

We wish you the and your family the best of luck Luna!

40. Joey - Adopted July 2019

The gorgeous little Joey has found his forever home! This lucky boy was snapped up straight away! We wish him and his new family all of the very best!

39. Penny - Adopted June 2019

Our little Penny has been adopted!  She trotted off happy as ever with her new mum and dad and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Good luck in your new chapter Penny! We miss you already!

38. Livvie - Adopted June 2019 

Lucky Livvie has gone off to her forever home! This absolute gem hadn't been with us long but had already caught the eye of walkers, volunteers and her new mum and dad! 

Wishing you the very best of luck Livvie, you were the sweetest cuddle bug going!

37. Misty - Adopted June 2019 

Misty has been temporarily fostered by her new family until she had the all clear from her medical treatment. Her tests came back clear and they've finally been able to adopt her! We're very happy for them all and Misty has them wrapped around her little paw. Especially her new Dad who thought he wanted a "big dog". 

We've got lots of families now who are fostering dogs who they will then adopt and we encourage you not to overlook foster dogs... they will be available to adopt sooner or later, you could be missing out on a little gem like Misty

36. Jenni - Adopted June 2019 

Little Jenni has gone off to her forever home! This little lady began the week rather wary and shy, but by the end of her hometrial her confidence had greatly come on and she would instantly happy wag at the sight of her new mum and dad! She even said her goodbyes to everyone in reception as she was making her way out which she wouldn't have attempted before! 

Adopting a nervous dog like Jenni is not only beneficial for the dog - getting them into a 121 environment with care and love, but it is so rewarding for the adopters - the first time they wag their tail, chase a ball and come for affection off of their own back is like hitting new miles stones each day! You see them flourish and grow in trust and confidence.

35. Bumble - Adopted June 2019

The lovely Bumble has found his forever home! This little man was small but mighty and was a favourite on our collections. 

We hope you join us in wishing him and his new family well, we know he will live like a king in his new home! Good luck Bumble!

34. Archie - Adopted June 2019 

Our boy Archie has FINALLY found his furever home! 

He is so so happy and loves his mummies to the moon and back! 

Good luck inn your new home Arch! We will all miss your cheeky face here at Oakwood!

33. Toby - Adopted May 2019

Our cheeky Toby has finally found his forever home! this beautiful boy has waited for a long time for that special someone to take him home and we couldn't be any happier for him!

Good luck Toby!

32. Mae - Adopted May 2019 

The gorgeous Mae has finally gone off to her forever home! This sweet natured lady was a hit with a lot of the centre dogs, the volunteers, dog walkers and staff, and we are sure everyone is just as happy as we are to see her go! 

Good luck Mae!

31. Lola - Adopted May 2019

Lovely little Lola has gone off to her forever home! She has become 'Daphne the Diva' in the home and her big personality has been shining through! 

Wishing her and her new mummy, daddy and big brother all of the best and know she will be the most spoiled lady in the land! Good luck!

30. Lilly - Adopted May 2019

The gorgeous Lilly has gone home to enjoy life with her new mum and dad - who have nicknamed her 'princess of the house'.

 We wish this gorgeous lady all of the very best, she had a tough start in life but gets to live out the rest of her days in the warmth and security of a family home! Good luck Lilly!

29. Emily - Adopted May 2019

Little Emily has been adopted and was very, very happy about it as you can see! 

This little cuddle monster was jumping for joy and wanted to give her mum and brother lots of kisses!

 We wish you all of the very best in you new home Emily!

28. Coco - Adopted May 2019

The beautiful, cuddly boy Coco has gone off to live with his new mum and dad! This young boy was a firm favourite with the volunteers and dog walkers and was known for his famous hugs! 

Please join us in wishing Coco all of the very best in his new home!

27. Purdy - Adopted April 2019

This little lady has also found her forever home!

Short stay with us for this beautiful girly but what a little cutey she was!

Good luck in your new home Purdy we can tell you're very loved already!

26. Lori - Adopted April 2019

Lori has been adopted into a family of Rommies and has gone off with her new mums to join her other siblings!

Lori was a slightly more nervous dog due to her awful start in life, luckily, she has found owners that can't wait to build up a trusting bond with her and help her finally understand what love is! 

We wish them all of the very best and hope that Lori's story inspires another family to consider a dog like Lori in future! 

25. Marshall - Adopted April 2019

Marshall was a UK hand-in that charmed the volunteers and dog walkers within minutes of his arrival.

Marshall also caught the eye of the public ans was highly sought after. Luckily, his new owners came along just in time and took him home to live with his new fur sister. Good luck to you Marshall!

24. Pixie (now Rosie) - Adopted April 2019

Lovely little Pixie has finally gone off to her forever home. She has gone to live with another ex-rescue and is getting spoiled rotten! 

Pixie was trapped nursing 25+ tiny puppies with another rescue, Emily with no hope of escaping. Luckily, she can now put her past behind her and focus on getting as many cuddles from her new family as she can.

23. Roxie - Adopted April 2019

Roxie was a very sweet dog that everyone fell in love with almost instantly.

She was left caring for 15+ four month old in the Romanian shelter before she was brought to us, yet despite her hardship she was such an affectionate girl.

We wish Roxie all of the best in her new home!

22. Dez - Adopted April 2019

Dez was reserved and awaiting kennel space for years. Upon arrival this golden oldie surprised us all with his puppy-like antics.

Despite wanting to sleep all day, Dez was a barrel of laughs to play with and even managed to become one of our favourite collection dogs!

Dez's new owner tragically lost her previous rescue, Bonnie, a few weeks back and fell head over heels for this gentle giant!

We wish you both the very best!

21. Mable - Adopted April 2019

Lovely Mable was one of our foster dogs that manage to charm her foster family into adoption! Mable spent a brief amount of time at the kennels but was loved by all that met her.

She lived in a Romanian shelter for years, she managed to escape an overpopulation cull due to being such a friendly girl. Mable was saved as the shelter removed her ear tag to look as though she didn't exist in their records.

Good luck in your new home Mable, you really deserve it!

20. Pepper - Adopted April 2019

Pepper arrived at the centre incredibly nervous and scared. Luckily, she didn't have to wait too long to catch her lovely adopters eyes.

These guys were patient with her and started to show us what a loving dog she can be!

Pepper's story is an inspirational one, and we hope that she inspires more willing people to consider putting time into a nervous dog - they are the most loving at all when you have earned their trust!

19. Rosie (now Sasha) - Adopted April 2019

What a sweet little girl Rosie was. She started off very nervous but as soon as she realised she was in a safe place she really came on leaps and bounds.

She became a firm favourite and found her loving family with one of our ex-rescues (Bertie)!

Good luck to you Rosie, you deserve the best!

18. Stan - Adopted April 2019

Stan the man has gone off to live with his new dad. They're planning on having lots of fun together. It's usually the dog who doesn't sit still to pose for a picture. This time it was Stan's new human.

Have fun together boys!

17. Star - Adopted April 2019

Star was our next longest stayer and has waited patiently to find her forever home for over a year, spending 2 Christmases in kennels!! 

Not anymore beautiful, you have a lovely mummy and daddy of your own now and we couldn't be happier for you all

15-16. Shep and Flower (now Chip and Harper) - Adopted March 2019

What a pair these two were! Everyone loved Shep's friendly, goofy personality and Flower's warm and loving smile!

These guys were lucky enough to have been rehomed together by the seaside! Double adoptions are incredibly rare for Oakwood and we couldn't have been happier with this match made in heaven.

We wish you guys all of the best!

14. Nancy (now Skye) -Adopted March 2019

Our hearts swelled during this adoption - our longest staying dog was finally getting herself a forever home with some lovely adopters that couldn't be any more perfect for her!

Nancy and her sister arrived at the centre as 8 month old puppies, spent two Christmases in the kennels, featured in the local newspaper twice and were dog walker favourites! 

We are so happy that Nancy has finally got to live the life that he deserves!

13. Barney - Adopted March 2019

Barney arrived a terrified, nervous pup and left a bouncy, toy-orientated dog! He was much-loved and had a large fan base.

This lucky young man has now gone off to live with his doggy sister and spend the rest of his life taking part in many tug of war sessions!

12. Sadie - Adopted February 2019

Sweetie Sadie arrived at the centre at 8 months of age and was a dog walker favourite. Everyone loved Sadie's warm greetings and playful nature yet she struggled to find the perfect home - that was until she laid eyes on her adoptive family and refused to get off their minds and out of their hearts. 

Sadie has now become a much-loved member of her family and you can see just how happy she is in her adoption photo! Good luck Sadie!

11. Stella - Adopted February 2019

Little miss Stella started to struggle with living in kennels and was becoming more timid by the day. Luckily, her amazing adoptive family fell in love with her at first sight!

Stella is now being well-loved and cared for! We miss her greatly but know she is now living her best life!

10. Mavis - Adopted February 2019

Adorable little Mavis had finally found her forever home!

Mavis' sweet little face used to charm the crowds on collection days and she also was a dog walker favourite.

We know she will be spoiled rotten which we know she will defiantly enjoy!

Good luck Mavis!

9. Faith - Adopted February 2019

Gorgeous Faith has finally found her forever home!

This adorable fluff ball was one of the staff and volunteer favourites due to her friendly nature and sweet personality - it was about time she caught somebodies eye!

Lucky Faith caught the eye of her adopters who instantly fell in love. 

We wish them all of the best for the future!

8. Audrey - Adopted February 2019

Audrey has had a difficult journey from being kept in a dirty pen, to her numerous x-rays and vet procedures which helped to uncover her birth defect which affected her leg.

Audrey had to have her leg amputated and had to stay in a foster home. Luckily for Audrey, her foster family just couldn't say goodbye to the little minx and decided it was best to adopt her!

Good luck Aud' you definitely deserve it!

7. Rosie (now Coco) - Adopted February 2019

Little Rosie had only been at the centre for a week but had caught the eye of the public and they eye of her adopters! 

She was settling in well on her hometrials and got really excited seeing her owners each day!  

We wish this sweet girl all of the very best in her new home!

6. Chilli - Adopted February 2019

Chilli was a gorgeous little dog that had a medical issue that was better cared for out of the kennels and so lived with his foster carer until he finally was clear of his condition.

He has now been snapped up by his foster family and will live happily ever after with his doggy sister! We wish Chilli so much luck now that he has become officially part of the family!

5. Zak - Adopted January 2019

Zak came to the centre terrified and extremely malnourished. He had a tough time in the Romanian shelter. He soon discovered his love for people and wanted affection a lot, he began to struggle in his kennel and went into a foster placement. Due to him not getting along with other dogs, Zak had to be placed into a different foster placement until he could finally meet his family that fell in love with his videos online.
We wish Zak and his new family all of the very best!

4. Charlie - Adopted January 2019

Charlie was handed into the centre early January as his previous owners struggled to care for him, he was placed into foster care with one of our staff members as he was such a young dog. Luckily, his sweet nature easily matched him to his family on our waiting list and they fell in love with him right away! Good luck in your forever home Charlie!

3. Florence - Adopted January 2019

What an emotional adoption this was! Florence was one of our longest-staying dogs. She was one of 5 dogs which came from a shelter in Adjud, and all the others had been adopted last year. Florence started out terrified and hid at the back of her kennel, she soon became one of the most loving dogs around and caught the eye of her new family. 

We wish Florence and her family all of the very best - we will miss this little lady lots!

2. Reggie - Adopted January 2019

Lovely little Reggie has found his forever home! This playful little fella was a delight to have in the centre, he enjoyed his cuddles and playing with his best friend Bubble, who was also lucky enough to find her forever home!

We know Reggie is going to get all of the attention he deserves! Sending you all of our love little man!

1. Bubble - Adopted January 2019

What a start to the new year this little lady got! Bubble had been in the Romanian public shelter from 2015 to 2018 when she was finally able to travel over. At the start Bubble was very nervous and would crawl on her stomach. By the time of her adoption this little sweetheart had grown in confidence, found a love for toys and affection!

We wish Bubble and her new family all of the best!


56. Judy - Adopted December 2018

Our little bundle of fluff Judy has been adopted today and gone to live with her new mummy!

Good Luck Judy, you got your Christmas wish of a family all of your very own!

55. Sally - Adopted December 2018

Yes, that's right - our beloved Sally finally galloped off to her new family and will be spoiled rotten with her new kennel and warm fireplace to curl up next to!

Sally is well deserving of her home and we are so happy to see her go, good luck you fussy lady!

54. Alfie - Adopted December 2018

This very photogenic little man has charmed himself into a new home with a family that adore him! 

Alfie was one of our best dogs for collections and one of the favourites of many of the regular dog walkers, he has really earned himself his home and we couldn't be more pleased to see him get the love he deserves!

Wishing you all the best Alfie!

53. Lara - Adopted December 2018

Lara was one of our longest staying dogs that had started to struggle within the kennels, so we couldn't be happier when we finally found a match for her through our adoption process!

Lara has now gone off to spend her days getting spoiled in her long-awaited forever home.

We wish them both all of the very best!

52. Sansa - Adopted December 2018

Sansa had only arrived at the centre a short time ago but it didn't take long to find this sweet girl a family that matched her requirements. 

She is one lucky girl that will receive only the best from her new family, here's to a long and happy future!

51. Peg (now Lucie-Lou) - Adopted December 2018

Little Peg arrived terrified and cried when her friend Sansa was taken out on walks without her. She did enjoy her walks though and socialising with the other smaller dogs.

It didn't take long for Peg's super personality to match her up to her new owners. From the moment they met her they knew they had to have her! 

Peg, is going to be one spoiled little girlie and we couldn't be more happy to hear that! 

Good luck guys!

50. Narouge - Adopted December 2018

Narouge struggled so much in Romania that he had to be chained to prevent him from escaping his pens. He was fostered straight from Romania and settled into home-life perfectly.This young man finally caught the eye of his new owner and she was smitten from the start by how affectionate and loving he was.

Narouge was our final dog to be adopted in 2018 and we wish him and his new owner all of the very best! 

49. Maisie - Adopted November 2018

Maisie has been a lucky lady and has been spotted by a loving family to live the rest of her life with!

This little madam is going to be a perfect addition to the family, we wish you all the best Maisie!

48. Echo (now Rocket) - Adopted November 2018

This little man arrived at 9 weeks old and had already been passed through a couple of homes before coming into the centre.

After spending a couple of weeks in foster care he was lucky enough to find a forever family with one of the training clients! He now has a loving home and a new doggy sister!

Wishing you all the best little man!

47. Hector - Adopted October 2018

Our sweet boy Hector has finally found his forever home! 

He has managed to charm his way into the family and will live a long and happy life getting all of the love and attention he needs!

 Good luck Hector!

46. Misty - Adopted October 2018

What a special day!

 Our little Misty has finally found her forever home after being over-looked in viewings. She was starting to struggle in kennels but met her perfect family in the nick of time!

We wish you the best of luck in your new home!

45. Patch (now Toby) - Adopted October 2018

Little Patch has found his forever home alongside one of our earlier rescues, Lassie.

We can tell this little man is going to be spoiled rotten! 

Wishing you all the best with your new family Patch - you really deserve that home!

44. Milo - Adopted October 2018

Milo arrived at the centre as a terrified 4 month old puppy with his brother, Teddy and his sister Xena. Milo's timid nature meant that he was overlooked in viewings and both of his siblings found homes before him. Lucky for Milo, he was able to be fostered and lived with his brother Teddy, building up his confidence before his new family got a glimpse of him and fell in love.

We wish our precious Milo all of the best, he really deserves all the love in the world. Good luck!

43. Floyd - Adopted September 2018

Floyd had been patiently waiting for some kennel space to become available so he could travel to Oakwood from Romania. However, he didn't have long to wait until he found his forever home!

Good luck Floyd!

42. Buddy - Adopted September 2018

Little Buddy was one of our resident UK dogs that was desperately seeking a new home. Buddy was finding it difficult in the kennels but that all changed the day that his adopters laid eyes on him and fell in love.

We wish this little man all the best, he deserves all the love and care in the world!

41. Scruff - Adopted September 2018

What a fantastic day!

Little Scruff has finally packed his bags and moved into his forever home!

This young boy was one of the centre favourites and was partnered up with his kennel-mate Pip for some time. Scruff also was a shining star on a couple of collections, raising donations for us.

It is fantastic that our little Scruff has finally had a family reach out and offer him unconditional love, we wish them all the best!

40. Jessie - Adopted September 2018

Yey! Our sweet little lady finally found a home that will love her forever! Jessie was an especially delightful dog that the staff and volunteers had fallen for. It has been a bittersweet goodbye seeing this girl finally leave but we wish Jessie and her family all the very best for the future! We know she is in good hands!

39. Ruby - Adopted September 2018

This young lady was once one of the most shy dogs we had rescued, she struggled with new people which meant she was over-looked in viewings.  Leanne, our kennel supervisor, decided to foster this young lady to help with her confidence and boy, did she bloom! Leanne had fallen so deeply in love with her that they couldn't be parted so she decided it was best to take Ruby on for life!

Good luck to you both!

38. Willy - Adopted September 2018

Similar to Ruby's story, Willy has been adopted by his loving foster family who couldn't bare to be parted from this special boy. Willy had captured the heart of the Oakwood staff and his foster parents and we don't think he could have gone to a better home!

Wishing you all of the best!

37. Max - Adopted August 2018

Max is one our favourite success stories. 

What a different dog from the poor lost little soul out in Romania. All made possible by an amazing foster home who sponsored him and invested lots of time an energy into helping him adjust to "normal life" here in England. They showed him there are humans he can trust! Max's story touched the hearts of a special couple who saw past his initial nervousness and spent several hours tossing treats to him and gaining his confidence before he would even let them touch him. When they came to adopt him today he ran across the room bouncing up and down and wagging his tail he was so happy to see them!Some of our dogs get passed over because they won't immediately run over and say hello but if you're willing to work for it, you will reap the rewards!

36. Edna - Adopted August 2016

Edna, now called Dusty, was one of our more mature Romanian rescues but despite the hard life she has had she is a beautiful sweet girl and we are sure she will be very happy in her new home. 

Good luck Dusty!

35. Xena - Adopted August 2018

Xena was one of 4 nervous puppies that were rescued from Romania at the beginning of the year. Time and patience has helped billed their confidence and we are so happy that Xena has how found her forever home. 

Good luck Xena!

34. Bella - Adopted August 2018

The gorgeous Bella has been adopted and is off to enjoy a fun and happy life with her new family. 

Good luck Bella!

33. Eric - Adopted August 2018

It took a little while but out our lovely cheeky chappy Eric has gone of to his new family and doggy sister Polly.

Good luck Eric!

32. Mouse - Adopted August 2018

The adorable Mouse wasn't with us long. She has found her forever home in super fast time! 

Good luck Mouse!

31. Moose - Adopted August 2018

Moose was our longest staying doggo, so we're very glad he's now found a wonderful family all of his own! We don't give up on dogs because they take a long time to rehome, we just try harder to find their forever families! 

One of the reasons Moose stayed with us so long is that he was undergoing medical treatment. Moose needed our help and we never questioned giving it to him after his previous owner refused to pay the vet bill they had agreed to cover upon handing him in. It has left us with a huge vet bill to pay. 

Good luck Moose, we miss you already you big goofball!

30. Molly - Adopted July 2018

One of our newest recruits Molly has also been adopted this weekend. She has a lovely new home to go to and a big garden to play in.

Good luck Molly!

29. Jaxon - Adopted July 2018

This lovely boy hasn't been with us for long. He got snapped up and has gone off to live in his new home by the sea!

Good luck little fella!

28. Casper - Adopted July 2018

The wonderful Casper had his lucky day and whizzed off to his forever home! 

We wish him and his family all the best for the future!

27. Oliver - Adopted July 2018

Oliver got adopted too! His new family were a little camera shy but not Oli! He is looking very dapper in his new collar!

Good luck little fella!

26. Amber - Adopted June 2018

Our beautiful girl Amber was adopted and has gone to live with her new family. 

When she was first found in Romania she was struggling to survive and care for a litter of puppies... she deserves her lovely new home, good luck little one

25. Dotty - Adopted June 2018

Dotty's dreams finally came true and she left our rescue centre for her forever home! 

We wish you all the best of luck

24. Madge - Adopted June 2018

Look who else got her forever home recently! The wonderful Madge found her forever family and has settled with them very well!

 We wish you all the best in your first home!

23. Trixie - Adopted June 2018

Trixie got her happy ever after! She was whisked away with her forever family to her new home! 

We wish you all the best of luck!

22. Dolly - Adopted May 2018 

The wonderful Dolly was also adopted by her new Mum and Dad last week! 

Best of luck to Dolly and her new family

21. Chase - Adopted May 2018

The wonderful Chase was adopted! Look how proud he is with his new family! 

We wish them the best of luck!

20. Button - Adopted May 2018

Little Button was adopted by her new family last week. 

We wish you all the best!

19. Alan - Adopted May 2018

Alan quickly became one of the favourites at the centre with his cheeky smile!

He's off to live with his new family now! Good luck Alan!

18. Teddy - Adopted April 2018

The lovely Teddy was adopted too! Here he is on the beach with his new family! He was one of the little romanian puppies, just look at him now!

Good luck Teddy!

17. Maude - Adopted April 2018

The wonderful Maude went off to her furever home! We are so happy for her and her new family!

Good luck Maude!

16. Baloo - Adopted March 2018

Baloo was one of those dogs that just couldn't go unnoticed, not purely because of his size (and trust me he was huge!) but also because of his sweet personality. He suffered from epilepsy and his previous owners didn't want him anymore for that reason but he has found a new family now!

Good luck Baloo you big goofball!

15. Lulu - Adopted March 2018

The beautiful Lulu has left our centre to live with her new adoptive family! They're going to have lots of adventures together and look forward to coming and doing some training to help Lulu settle into her new home! 

Good Luck Lulu, we'll miss you!

14. Sapphire - Adopted March 2018

Another lucky girl has gone to her new homes this week. Sapphire was very shy and timid at times as she had a difficult start to life. Her new family is very understanding and will be working to build up her confidence through training! 

Good luck Sapphire!

13. Molly - Adopted March 2018

Little Molly has left the centre to live with her adoptive family. This girl was very shy and timid at times as she had a difficult start to life. 

The good news is her family is very understanding and will be working to build up her confidence through training! 

Good luck Molly!

12. Lizzie - Adopted February 2018

Another lucky pup! Here is the lovely Lizzie (now called Saffy) ready to go with her new family! 

Good luck in your forever home!

11. Lennon - Adopted February 2018 

Here is lovely Lennon with his new family! 

Good luck Lennon!

10. Bertie - Adopted February 2018

Bertie is off to his forever home! Although he was more interested in eating treats than having his photo taken!

Good luck Bertie!

9. Bruce - Adopted February 2018

Bruce posed lovely for his photo, although he is normally full of energy and is looking forward to lots of long walks!

Best of luck in your new home Bruce!

8. Scrappy - Adopted January 2018

7. Polly - Adopted January 2018

Polly was a street dog in Craiova before being saved and coming to the UK with International Dog Rescue. She has spent the last year living in a dirty pen with 4 other dogs including her sister Molly. Now she's off to her forever home!

Good luck Polly!

6. Dax - Adopted January 2018

Dax was adopted directy from Romania but unfortunately circumstances didn't work out for him so he was returned to Oakwood. He is a friendly, energetic boy who love his walks and has now found a new family to love him forever!

Good luck Dax!

5. Elsa - Adopted January 2018

Elsa was discovered in the shelters by IDR when they saw the handlers moving her using a pole because they couldn't get close to her. She was very matted and scared and it was only a matter of time before she would be put to sleep. Elsa needed help. IDR stepped in and took over care of Elsa. After only a few hours with her, IDR was able to win her trust and cut her fur making her more comfortable and happier. Now she got adopted and has happily gone off to her new home by the sea. 

Enjoy the beach Elsa!

4. Jasper - Adopted January 2018

Jasper was found on the street with his litter mates and taken to the awful life in a public shelter in Tecuci along with his sister Margo. 

He has now gone to live in Doncaster with an amazing couple who saw through his shyness and wanted to give him a chance. Shy dogs take longer to adopt as most people don't want a dog that won't come and say hello but every so often some extra special people come along and this week it was Jasper's lucky week. Good luck Jasper!

3. Lassie - Adopted January 2018

Lassie was taken to the shelter when she was captured on the streets. She has now found her forever home!

Good luck Lassie!

2. Ted - Adopted January 2018

Ted has gone off to his new home now too! What a great start of the year for this beautiful boy and his new family!

Good luck Ted!

1. Frank - Adopted January 2018

Frank has started 2018 with a bang! He has gone off to live with his new family and we couldn't be any happier for them!

Best of luck Frank!


57. Pippa - Adopted December 2017

Pippa has had a hard time in her short life, she was taken off the streets by the dog catcher and put into the public shelter in July 2017. Pippa was rescued by IDR and brought to the UK where she is now settling in to her new home!

56. Dave - Adopted December 2017

Not much is known about Dave's history other than his life in a shelter in Romania. He is however a very friendly boy and has now found his forever home in the UK!

55. Ruby - Adopted December 2017

Ruby has come from a busy home that was too much for her. It became clear that she would be better off in a much quieter home and she's the perfect fit for her new parents!

54. Larry - Adopted December 2017

Larry has had a rough time spending the last year in a public shelter in Romania. Despite this, he is a lovely friendly boy and has now been snapped up by his new family!

53. Rhubarb - Adopted December 2017

Rhubarb was a street dog in Romania before being captured and taken to the awful conditions of a public shelter before being rescued by International Dog Rescue. Now she has found her forever home and we couldn't be any happier for her!

52. Sooty - Adopted December 2017

Sooty came to us a few weeks back where he was in a bit of a pickle with himself. He had a few health issues that he is currently undergoing treatment for these issues as he had not seen a vet in 7 years. He started off with us very nervous and upset being in the kennels. However, now he is pain free after his treatment he is a lot happier and ready to go home with his new family!

51. Grina (Now Aria) - Adopted November 2017

Grina was a street dogs in Romania before being captured and condemned to a live in the public shelter. Her and Tica shared a small, dirty pen together for several years so we are really happy that they have been rehomed together!

50. Nora (Now Hope) - Adopted November 2017

Nora arrived in the public shelter in July 2017 after being caught roaming the streets. She enjoys being fussed and played with and is now living the life of luxury in her forever home. 

49. Ginger - Adopted November 2017

This is Ginger she is a lovely playful girl who loves to have a fuss. Ginger was captured off the streets and taken to the public shelter in July 2017. Since being in the shelter she has developed a weepy eye, however luckily for Ginger IDR where there to help her and now she has not only recovered but also found her forever home!

48. Little Lennon - Adopted November 2017

Little Lennon is such a young dog and has had such a terrible start to life, Little Lennon was found on the streets fighting for survival. He was found by the dog catcher and taken to a public shelter in June 2017 where he was given just 90 days before he would be put on the kill list Little Lennon was very lucky and IDR spotted him. He is now settling in to his forever home enjoying lots of cuddles. 

47. Fudge (Now Leo) - Adopted November 2017

This is Fudge. He's a small boy who hasn't had the best start in life due to the awful conditions on the streets and in the shelters. Fudge developed a poorly eye. Luckily for Fudge he has fully recover and now also found his forever home!

46. Duchess (Now Eadie) - Adopted November 2017

Duchess doesn't have a lot of history, she was found on streets and was caught by the dog catcher and taken to the public shelter in August 2017. She has been in the shelter since, IDR came across Duchess and arranged for her to leave the shelter and come to the UK where she found her forever home!

45. Jack - Adopted November 2017

44. Marley - Adopted November 2017

Not much is known about Marley's history. Despite living in the awful conditions of the public shelter in Romania, he is a lovely chilled out boy and has now found a family to call his own!

43. Margo - Adopted November 2017

Margo is a loving and sweet girl once she gets to know you. She was found on the street with her littermates at 4 weeks old and taken to the awful life that is the public shelter in Tecuci along with her brother Jasper. Fortunately a private sponsor from the UK stepped in and saved her, but now she was stuck in Romania with no way out. Her conditions in the privte shelter were better than the public but by no means ideal. IDR came along and Margo has now found her forever home!

42. Nelly - Adopted November 2017

Nelly was taken to a kill shelter as a very young pup where she caught distemper. We met her there in April this year. Once recovered, she was moved into a pen and the dog next door grabbed her through the fence and bit her nose off and both her ears. She was then taken to a private shelter to recover where she lived until being brought over to the UK by IDR. Now this lucky girl has found her forever home too!

41. George - Adopted November 2017

George was found on the side of the road after being hit by a car, soaking wet in minus 25 degree weather. Taken into a private shelter he met the same fate as Sally, a life in a 6ft square pen with a dirt floor for life, until IDR stepped in to save him. Doesn't he look happy now!

40. Cookie - Adopted November 2017

Believe it or not, Cookie was a street dog in Romania fighting for survival until she was captured and take to a public shelter. Just look at her now!

39. Sophie - Adopted November 2017

Not much is known about Sophie's history in Romania unfortunately. However Sophie is a sweet lovely girl. She is a little shy and doesn't like to be hassled by the other dogs. Luckily now she has found a home where she can gain more confidence!

38. Denzel - Adopted November 2017

37. Isla (Now Kyla) - Adopted October 2017

Isla was a street dog in Tecuci before being captured and taken to a kill shelter. She only has one eye and was very withdrawn due to the fact she has no love and no health care. Isla arrived at Oakwood on the 12th October and was quickly adopted. As you can see, she has really landed on her paws!

36. Prince - Adopted October 2017

Prince is still as bouncy as ever and is enjoying getting out for regular walks with his new owner and sneaking into his bed at night times and taking up all the space! How do you say no to such a sweet little face!

35. Charlie - Adopted October 2017

Charlie has settled in remarkably well, and is thriving in his new home. He enjoys his walks, spending time with the children of the household and cuddling up with his owners and watching television on an evening.

34. Tess - Adopted October 2017

This beautiful little lady has gone to her home now and has settled right in! Although we miss her lots it's very rewarding seeing her enjoy her forever home. Congratulations Tess, enjoy it, you sure deserve it!!

33. Bailey - Adopted September 2017

Bailey was bred by his owner and kept with his two siblings, in the garden for 6 years. His owners health has now deteriorated and they all need a new home. Luckily Bailey has now found one!

32. Hope (Now Zara) - Adopted September 2017

Hope was a street dog in Romania before being put in a shelter. They often starve because there's no money to feed them, they get 3 meals a week if they're lucky. International Dog Rescue stepped in and helped to transport her to the UK where she has now found her forever home.

31. Bob (Now Bobby)- Adopted September 2017

Bobs previous owners circumstances changed and he could no longer be cared for. He has Chronic Allergic Dermatitis, which means he needs to be on lifetime medication. He also needs fortnightly baths with a special shampoo but that didn't stop him from finding his new home!

30. Polly - Adopted September 2017

Polly was bred by her owner and kept with her two siblings, in the garden for 5 years. Her owners health has now deteriorated and they all needed a new home but lucky Polly has already been snapped up!

29. Jacob - Adopted September 2017

Jacob came to us due to his owners ill health, he is a sweet guy who just wants attention which is exactly what he's going to get in his new home!

28. Maisy - Adopted September 2017 

Maisy was bred by her owner and kept with her two siblings, in the garden for 5 years. Her owners health has now deteriorated and they all needed a new home. Lucky Maisy has already gone off to one!

27. Frank - Adopted September 2017

Frank came to us via a phone call from our vets as his owner had booked him in to be put to sleep for biting a family member. In situations like this we take the dogs and the owners donate us the PTS fee (in this case we are still waiting for the donation), we then assess the dog and see what we can do. Happily for Frank the story is a happy ending.

26. Ali (Now Willow) - Adopted September 2017

Ali was a street dog in Romania before being put in a shelter. They often starve because there's no money to feed them, they get 3 meals a week if they're lucky. International Dog Rescue stepped in and helped to transport her to the UK where her life is about to start!

25. Charlie - Adopted September 2017

Charlie originally arrived with us in June 2016 as his owner could no longer meet his needs. He was adopted quite quickly by a lovely family. And now a family illness to us has resulted in Charlie being returned to us a year later. He has been snapped up and we are sure he won't be coming back this time!

24. Adara - Adopted September 2017

Adara was a street dog in Romania before being put in a shelter. They often starve because there's no money to feed them, they get 3 meals a week if they're lucky. International Dog Rescue stepped in and helped to transport her to the UK where she has now found her forever home.

23. Lola - Adopted September 2017

Lola had been passed from pillar to post before she ended up with us, 4 homes in her short life, through no fault of her own. Luckily Oakwood got involved and found her her 5th and final home.

22. Keith (now Sooty) - Adopted August 2017

Keith was a street dog in Romania before being put in a shelter. They often starve because there's no money to feed them, they get 3 meals a week if they're lucky. International Dog Rescue stepped in and helped to transport him to the UK where he has found his forever home! 

21. Max (now Duke) - Adopted August 2017

Max was handed into rescue because his previous owners said they could no longer afford to care for him after their relationship ended. Poor Max didn't understand why he lost his home but now he is very happy that he has found a new one!

20. Buka - Adopted August 2017

Buka arrived into rescue as a puppy and was adopted but he came back after his adopters abandoned him! Luckily he got another chance at a happy life now!

19. Moose - Adopted July 2017

Moose was a street dog in Romania before being put in a shelter. They often starve because there's no money to feed them, they get 3 meals a week if they're lucky. International Dog Rescue stepped in and helped to transport her to the UK where she'll have a better chance at finding the home she deserves. When she arrived she didn't even have a name of her own, she was just a passport number! Now she has a family to call her own!

18. Frankie - Adopted July 2017

Frankie's family had a change in working patterns and he was being left home alone. They handed him into rescue so he could find a family with more time for him.  

17. Amos - Adopted July 2017

Amos had an accident in Romania that damaged his skull and left eye. Nobody seemed to want him and he was left chained up in a pen at a shelter for years. International Dog Rescue stepped in and helped to transport Amos to us in the UK where he got a chance at finding the home he deserved.

16. Opie - Adopted July 2017

Opie's owner reported him to have some challenging behaviour they no longer felt able to handle. After careful assessment we recognised Opie was nervous and with plenty of encouragement he's now doing great and even found a new home!

15. Jorja - Adopted July 2017

Jorja had a loving home but change of personal circumstances meant her owners could not meet Jorja's needs. She's a big, boisterous girl and so needed lots of extra attention and training from staff to her developing into a well rounded adult dog but her new family is ready to take on that challenge!

14. Patch - Adopted July 2017

Patch was given up by his owner who was moving house and wasn't taking him along. Luckily he has found a new home now!

13. Norman (now Milo) - Adopted June 2017

Due to a change in personal circumstances Milo was staying in kennels regularly. His family wanted to give him the chance to find a new home where he could be more settled and he's a lot happier now!

12. Misty - Adopted June 2017

Misty came into rescue because she lived with some children who made her feel unsettled. She thought they were going to take her things so she had started to protect her food and belongings. She loves playing with her new toys and snuggling up on the sofa in her new home!

11. Buster - Adopted July 2017

Buster was purchased by an older lady, she couldn't cope with his normal puppy behaviours and gave him away to someone else. That family didn't feel able to look after him either and gave him to us after 2 weeks. We were his 4th home in 4 months and we have no idea why, he's the sweetest little guy! Luckily he has now found a perfect new home!

10. Ruby - Adopted April 2017

Ruby was handed in to rescue because she lived with children and didn't like them touching her things. She has now gone off to live with her new mum and we couldn't be any happier for them!

9. Lady - Adopted March 2017

Lady can be nervous and does not like children. She was unhappy living with them so her family gave her up for adoption. Now she has a new family that she fits in with perfectly!

8. Thor - Adopted March 2017

Thor was handed in by a lady who worked full time so was unable to give Thor the attention he needed. Now he's in a home that is perfect for him!

7. Dougal - Adopted March 2017

Dougal was purchased by an older lady as a puppy. She did not feel able to appropriately care for Dougal. He'd never really been walked, nor did he have any idea about how to interact with strangers, children, dogs or other animals. He was left on his own quite a lot. Luckily he found a home that will make sure he's happy now!

6. Molly - Adopted March 2017

Molly grew up around other dogs and children. She'd had lots of socialisation and some basic training. Molly's owner realised they couldn't give her the exercise and stimulation she needed and so made the sad decision to give her up for adoption.

A little message from the family:  

"Molly is just the perfect dog, and has made our family jigsaw complete."  

5. Ernie - Adopted April 2017

Ernie was handed into rescue because they didn't have time to care for him. He was not neutered and had no basic training but was very eager to learn nut he has now gone off to live with his new family!

4. Zak - Adopted February 2017 

Zak originally came into rescue at 11 months old from a family who locked him in a room on his own as they couldn't cope with his energy levels. As a result he craves attention and is incredibly affectionate. He has now found a new home!

3. Alpha - Adopted January 2017

Alpha was offered free to good home on an online selling site. He spent 2 years in rescue before the right family came along.

2. Dave - Adopted January 2017

Dave was brought over to the uk from Romania as a puppy where he had been rescued from a "Kill shelter". He was distressed in a home with children and relinquished to rescue but he's now happy with his new family!

1. Nova - Adopted January 2017

Found abandoned by the side of a very busy 60mph road with her two littermates. The puppies were not left with any food, water, shelter, they only had each but now Nova got her happy ending!


7. Bonnie - Adopted December 2016

We have some amazing news about Bonnie..... 70,000 people saw Bonnie's appeal, and just one special couple came forward and offered her a foster home. They love her so much they've decided to adopt her... and here she is with them at her adoption meeting earlier today! Yey Bonnie!

6. Bobby - Adopted November 2016

Little Bobby the Chihuahua X has just been adopted by Nathan, and his parents Mandy and Graham. Bobby was never advertised for adoption because we already had the perfect family for him on our waiting list. To avoid missing out on the opportunity to adopt a dog like Bobby, make sure you complete an adoption application form on our website.

5. Toska - Adopted November 2016

Not so little Bruce (was Toska) has also gone to his new home and is enjoying lots of one on one attention from his mum and dad. Also making himself right at home by the looks of things! Loving those huge ears Brucy

4. Luca - Adopted November 2016 

Luca has been adopted! He's making himself right at home with his new family and is getting bigger by the day! Have fun with your new family Luca

3. Xsara - Adopted November 2016 

Look who's been adopted!!!! Xsara, who is now called Nancy, is happy and well and truly settled in her lovely new home. Have you not seen Xsara before? That's because we had the perfect family for her on our waiting list. If you don't want to miss out on the perfect dog for you, pop over to the website and sign up to our adoption waiting list!

2. Cooper - Adopted October 2016 

Cooper and his new mum Andrea have been in today to do some training! He's settling in really well and is making great progress, keep it up guys!

1. Tilly - Adopted Steptember 2016 

Look who it is!!!!!! The gorgeous Tilly with her fab new mum and dad Lauren and Ryan. So happy to see this little girl in her wonderful new home