Meet the dogs!

Meet the dogs...


Appointments are booked after you have submitted an adoption application form and this has been approved by the adoptions team. Please do not turn up at the centre without an appointment as you will be turned away. We politely ask that you follow our adoptions process to avoid having a wasted journey and also disrupting our care of the dogs by turning up uninvited.

All new dogs into rescue are assessed and then offered to the people on our waiting list before being offered for general adoption. Your ideal dog will arrive at the centre and get adopted without you even knowing about it, unless you're on our adoptions waiting list.


Here you can view the dogs currently in rescue. We aim to provide a full behaviour assessment on each dog covering a range of areas from how they cope socialising with other dogs, how they interact with children and whether they could potentially live with cats.

Oakwood Dog Rescue works closely with International Dog Rescue,providing UK kennel space with the goal of rescuing dogs from the terrible conditions of the Romanian public shelters. Below are some of the dogs that have been lucky enough to have found a sponsor and are now safe at Oakwood looking for their forever homes...

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Mia - Available

Sex : Female
Size : Large
Age: 4 years

Mia has had a tough life and has been in UK since November 2018. She was housed at another rescue that weren't able to find her a forever home. Mia loves her people but she can get frightened of strangers coming up to her on walks. She is currently on a diet as she arrived quite hefty but she has a love of tennis balls and has been working on her fitness chasing them. Mia is a very loving dog and all she wants to do is please you. Sadly she has never had a stable home in her life. She does not like to share her humans with other animals and she needs an adult only home as she's a big, strong and bouncy girl.

The perfect home for Mia: Adult only home. She does not like to share her humans with other dogs. She does not like cats.

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Max - Available

Sex : Male
Size : Large
Age: 3 years

Max came to the centre in 2018 after spending his young life at a public shelter in Calarasi, Romania. He had spent his entire first year of his life being mistreated, neglected and unloved. Luckily, Max was brought over to the UK where we took him in and have tried to show him what love really is. Max has now turned two years old and he has spent his second Christmas at the centre last year. He has been over-looked in viewings as he is unsure of new people and takes time to build trust with humans. He is a young dog with a lot of potential that needs an adult only home. Once Max knows he can trust you he is like putty in your hands - he has charmed the staff and has his own fan club that love to take him on walks. Max is crate-trained, muzzle-trained and walks well on a harness!

The perfect home for Max: Adult only home. Female dogs only. He does not like cats.

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Little Max - Available

Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Age: 6 years

Yes you've seen this face before, Max came to the centre earlier this year. He was saved from being brutally beaten and attacked by other dogs on a very frequent basis. He was constantly bleeding and battered, due to this, Max lost a section of his jaw when another dog viciously attacked him. Max feels much safer when he is the only dog in the house. He gets frightened and defensive around other dogs as he's afraid he will be attacked. Max recently came back to us due to no fault of his own. He is a little more wary than he was before and is now looking for a home where he feels loved and safe. He travels well in a car and enjoys his treats.

The perfect home for Little Max: Chidren 13 and older. He does not like to share his humans with other dogs. He can live with cats.

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Logan - Available

Sex: Male
Size: Small
Age: 1 Year

Logan came to us in October and was quite frightened to begin with. He started to show us that he soon wanted affection, he was just a little timid upon greetings. He enjoys his walks and can be quite bouncy when he is more at ease. He doesn't like sharing his people with other animals and so must be the only pet in the home.

The perfect home for Logan: Adult only home. He does not like to share his humans with other dogs. He does not like cats.


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Ralphie- Available

Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Age: 3 years

Beautiful Ralphie is back with us as his last home did not work out. He is a very sweet boy that can be wary of new people and loud noises. Ralphie has a burn on his nose which he got in Romania - it is likely he has been a village dog as it is common practice for them to scar the noses of dogs to 'prevent' distempter - which is folklore. They also scar the noses to make the dogs appear 'tough' and ward off threat. Ralphie is a very loving boy and enjoys playing with toys and going on long walks.

The perfect home for Ralphie: Adult only home. Female dogs only. He can live with cats.

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Betsy - Available

Sex: Female
Size: Large
Age: 1 Year

Betsy survived a terrible skin condition in Romania but luckily it was cleared up before she arrived. Betsy can be a mischievous little girl and is a very curious dog. She will require a solid 6ft fence or taller around her prospective home. She is still very puppy like and enjoys attention. Betsy does not like sharing her people with other dogs.

The perfect home for Betsy: Children 13 and older. She does not like to share her humans with other dogs. Not tested with cats.


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Sally - Available

Sex: Female
Size: Large
Age: 7 years

Sally was the shelters longest staying dog. She was in the shelter for potentially years. She was too frightened of people and would hide away. Upon arrival she started to trust and is becoming a loving girl. With a bit of patience she will be a very loyal dog. She is just beginning to go out for walks, her lead work is a bit erratic at the moment and she's nervous of loud noises and lots of people. Sally will need someone that is around a lot as she is frightened to be left alone. She is not keen on other dogs and prefers human company.

The perfect home for Sally: Adult only home. She cannot live with other dogs. Not tested with cats.

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Smokey - Available

Sex: Male
Size: Large
Age: 3 years 

Smokey is a shy boy that was very ill in the Romanian shelter and would have surely died from his ailments if he had not been brought to the UK. Smokey has been settling in and is becoming friendlier by the day but he is still wary upon greetings. He has been mingling well with other dogs at the centre and prefers friendly female dogs of a similar size. He is not confident enough for walks yet but is getting there. He will need someone that is around a lot as he struggles to be parted from people he trusts.

The perfect home for Smokey: Adult only home. Female dogs only. Not tested with cats.

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Snowy - Available

Sex: Male
Size: Small
Age: 3 years

Snowy arrived terribly matted and neglected. He is a shy boy that needs a patient owner that will able to allow him to find his feet in the home. Snowy cannot live with children as he is too nervous and they frighten him. He could live with a small female dog and feel more comfortable around another dog.

The perfect home for Snowy: Adult only home. Female dogs only. He does not like cats.

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Bertie- Available

Sex: Male
Size: Extra small
Age: 3 years

Bertie is a nervous and shy boy that has come to us from a public shelter in Romania. The transport has scared him a lot but he's now starting to trust people and enjoys going out on walks.

The perfect home for Bertie: Adult only home. Female dogs only. He does not like cats.

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Bot - Available

Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Age: 9 months

Bot was housed in a private shelter in Romania. Last spring his mother gave birth to 6 puppies. After 2 months all became ill with parvovirus. They were treated but they all died in 3 days except Bot who recovered surprisingly. Bot is a nervous boy but is beginning to warm up to the staff and volunteers at the centre.

The perfect home for Bot: Children 13 and older. Female dogs only. He can live with cats.

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Kara - Available

Sex: Female
Size: Small
Age: 4 years

Kara came to us from a private shelter in Romania. Kara is Sara's sister and the other surviving puppy from their litter that were horrifically thrown on a fire to get rid of them by their mother's owner. Kara is a nervous girl but is beginning to show that she can be very loving when she trusts you. She is also enjoying the company of the small male dogs in our care, and so she could use a small male dog in the house for confidence.

The perfect home for Kara:  Adult only home. Male dogs only. She can live with cats.

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Monty - Available

Sex: Male
Size: Small
Age: 2 years

Monty is a frightened boy that is beginning to grow in confidence. He still isn't sure of people and will stand near them but he is very wary due to the awful treatment he has faced throughout his short life.

The perfect home for Monty: Adult only home. Female dogs only. Not tested with cats.

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Lucy - Available

Sex: Female
Size: Small
Age: 1 Year

Lucy is a friendly and bouncy chihuahua cross type. Although small, Lucy has a big character. She came into the centre extremely skinny and we are currently trying to build her weight up. Lucy does not like to be ignored and can shout for attention but we are trying to work on this. Lucy enjoys her walks but can be a bit timid around new people.

The perfect home for Lucy: Under assessment 

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Pepper - Available

Sex: Female
Size: Medium 
Age: 1 Year

Pepper was quite reserved and wary of people in the shelter as she knew that most people she met back then weren't to be trusted. As soon as she stepped foot into the rescue she realised she was safe and really came out of herself. Pepper is an extremely bouncy and playful girl. She's high energy so definitely needs an active family to take her on. She can still display puppy behaviours when excited and has tried to play mouth but we are working on this. Pepper enjoys her walks and enjoys human affection. She can be very full in so would need a dog that matches her energy in the home - she would definitely be too much for an older or quieter dog. Pepper would be a fantastic dog with a bit of training.

The perfect home for Pepper: Under assessment 

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Woody - Available

Sex: Male
Size: Small
Age: 2 Years

Pretty Woody is growing in confidence everyday and is beginning to show people what a friendly boy he is. He loves to play in the halls, but can be very bouncy and has trodden on a few dogs accidentally. Woody could live with a friendly female dog but he is energetic, so would best suit a similar energy level. Woody does struggle a bit in kennels and does not like being left alone for long periods of time. He would be best suited to a family that are more home based.

The perfect home for Woody: Under assessment 

Duke - Available

Sex: Male
Size: Small
Age: 6 Years

Gorgeous Duke was returned to the public shelter after spending a few years in a Romanian household due to no fault of his own. Duke is a very sweet and affectionate little man and enjoys being around people. He is confident on walks and is enjoying being able to explore the area. As Duke has been around people more than most of our dogs he can find it difficult to be apart from people, and so can vocalise for attention. He would best suit a family that is more home based. Although Duke lived in a Romanian house, we cannot guarantee he will take to a UK house perfectly. You still need to take it slowly and allow him to settle at his own pace.

The perfect home for Duke: Under assessment 

Lilly - Available

Sex: Female
Size: Small
Age: 2 Years

Lilly is a sweet but timid little dog. She is not keen on being handled and it can really frighten her. Once she builds up a bit of a bond with you she will come over for affection. With Lilly it is very important to allow her to initiate the interaction otherwise it can really spook her. She has started to go out on some short walks with dog walkers and is beginning to settle in to kennel life.

The perfect home for Lilly: Under assessment 

Indy - Available

Sex: Female
Size: Small
Age: 1 Year

Indy is a very sweet girl, she does take a few meets to feel comfortable with you before she trusts you, but once she does she is a very affectionate girl. She's not completely comfortable with being touched and can become submissive if interaction is forced. She will need to take it slowly so she knows you won't hurt her. Indy is enjoying her walks with dog walkers and has the potential to be a very sweet dog.

The perfect home for Indy: Under assessment 

Minnie - Available

Sex: Female
Size: Small
Age: 3 Years

Minnie is a quiet, yet sweet girl. She is friendly but it is important to build a bond with her so she can feel comfortable around new people. Minnie arrived very emaciated and every bone and be felt as you touch her. We are trying to build up her weight at the moment. Minnie is beginning to go out on walks and is settling in nicely.

The perfect home for Minnie: Under assessment 

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Lola - Available

Sex: Female
Size: Small
Age: 1 Year

Lola was terrified in the shelter and would flee if people came near her. She has surprised the staff with how well she has taken to kennel life. Lola is progressing in confidence daily, and when she gets to know you she can be excited to see you. She is not confident with being touched as of yet so everything must be done at her own pace, and you must not force any interaction with her. If Lola trusts you she is more confident with initiating interaction herself and needs a family that respect this. Lola has the potential to become a very loving little dog in the right hands.

The perfect home for Lola: Under assessment 

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Lewis - Available

Sex: Male
Size: Small
Age: 3 Years

Lewis arrived terribly matted and couldn't see what what happening around him due to the mats across his face. Lewis can be very unsure and wary around people he doesn't know and doesn't like to be handled as he is frightened that you will hurt him. He is currently building up confidence with staff so they can try to cut his mats off, but we are doing everything at his own pace and will not push him. Lewis will need a foster home which would hopefully lead to an adoption. Lewis cannot live with children and must have a patient adult only home that are willing to take time to bond with him.

The perfect home for Lewis: Under assessment