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Appointments are booked after you have submitted an adoption application form and this has been approved by the adoptions team. Please do not turn up at the centre without an appointment as you will be turned away. We politely ask that you follow our adoptions process to avoid having a wasted journey and also disrupting our care of the dogs by turning up uninvited.

All new dogs into rescue are assessed and then offered to the people on our waiting list before being offered for general adoption. Your ideal dog will arrive at the centre and get adopted without you even knowing about it, unless you're on our adoptions waiting list.


Here you can view the dogs currently in rescue. We aim to provide a full behaviour assessment on each dog covering a range of areas from how they cope with travelling to social skills with other dogs. If you want to know more about one of our dogs, see their profiles below........   



Age - 10 months (D.O.B. 12/07/16)

Sex - Female

Breed - Dogue de Bordeaux X

Size - Large/Giant

History - Jorja had a loving home but change of personal circumstances meant her owners could not meet Jorja's needs.

Personality - Jorja is a rapidly growing puppy, already the size of a small labrador at 6 months old, she's going to be a big girl. She is incredibly affectionate and playful, though has never lived with children or other dogs, and given her size would only be suitable to live with older children. Jorja's personality is still developing and she will need an owner with time and patience to be able to provide her with the training and socialisation she needs. 

A little message from Jorja -

"My top is made out of rubber, my bottoms made out of springs, I'm bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!"

Specific Requirements - No cats, no dogs, older children only (15yrs+).

Adoption Fee - £200

Free Training - 1 month


Age - 17 months (DOB - 02/12/15)

Sex - Male

Breed - Romanian Rescue

Size - Medium

History - Luca has come over from Romania where there are thousands of stray dogs living on the streets. He is one of the lucky few who got brought to England for the chance at a better life. Romanian dogs are often treated badly and so they learn early in life to be cautious of humans in their fight for survival.

Personality - Luca is slowly starting to come out of his shell. Once you win his affection he likes having his ears rubbed and is starting to play with toys. He's very wary of people and takes time to warm up. It's such a rewarding moment when he comes out to greet you and asks for a love.

A little message from Luca -

"I'm still very scared and frightened that something bad might happen to me, life was hard in Romania. I want a quiet home with a nice human I can learn to trust"

Specific Requirements - No dogs, may be able to live with cats, adult only home (16yrs+).

Adoption Fee - £200


Sex - Male

Age - 3 Years Old (DOB: 07/12/13)

Breed - Siberian Husky

Size - Large

History - Buka arrived into rescue as a puppy and was adopted but he came back after his adopters abandoned him! Buka belongs to SHARE rescue and is currently staying at Oakwood while he finds his new home.

Personality - Buka is affectionate and full of beans. He loves playing with people but he isn't keen on other dogs. He has been learning to walk nicely on a lead and he really, really, loves food and so is easy to train!

A little message from Buka -

“What have you got there? Can I eat it?"

Specific Requirements - No dogs, no cats, no small furries, adult only home (16yrs+).

For more details on adopting Buka please submit an application and we will be in touch.

Patch - Available

Age - 5 months (17/01/17)

Sex - Male

Breed - Jack Russell

Size - Small

History - Patch was given up by his owner who was moving house and wasn't taking him along.

Personality - Patch is a young dog so very bouncy and full of energy. He needs basic training and a family who is prepared to put in the time and energy that is needed when raising a puppy. Patch is very friendly and loves having someone to play with.

A little message from Patch -

"Lets play, let's play.... come on, come on, no time to waste! Lets go, go, go!!!"

Specific Requirements - No cats, female dogs only, may be suitable with children (6yrs+).

Adoption Fee - £275

Free Training - 1 month

Milo (was Norman) - Reserved pending adoption

Age - 18 months

Sex - Male

Breed - Shih Tzu

Size - Small

History - Due to personal circumstances Norman was staying in kennels regularly. His family wanted to give him the chance to find a new home where he could be more settled.

Personality - Norman is an affectionate little chap who has plenty of energy and lots of get up and go. Please don't underestimate him based on size and assume he needs less exercise or attention. He loves being involved in whatever you're doing and going on lots of walkies too. He needs some basic training and to work on good manners.

A little message from Norman -

"Love me, fuss me, walkies?"

Specific Requirements - No cats, female dogs only, good with children.

Adoption Fee - £200

Free Training - 1 month

Misty - Reserved (not taking applications)

Age - 3 years

Sex - Female

Breed - Pug

Size - Small

History - Misty came into rescue because she lived with some children who made her feel unsettled. She thought they were going to take her things so she had started to protect her food and belongings.

Personality - Misty is an adorable little lady who just wants cuddles. She's lived with another dog and is sociable with them, though wary of big or bouncy dogs. She loves to play games and take short walks when it's cool outside.

A little message from Misty -

"I'm looking for my new best friend to look after me and give me lots of fuss and cuddles!"

Specific Requirements - No cats, male dogs, older children only (15yrs+).

Adoption Fee - £300

Free Training - 1 month

Misty will be adopted by someone already on our waiting list. Dogs like Misty rarely get advertised. Make sure you don't miss out by filling in an adoption application so you're on our waiting list.

Important Information To Consider

Before you take on a rescue dog please consider that many of these dogs have not had the best of starts in life. Many have not had any time invested in them so they don't know how to behave in an acceptable way, this is something we need to teach them. 

They will take time to settle into a new home. There may be problems you will need to work through, hence the free training and support Oakwood gives you. They might poo in the house, they might bark when you leave them, they might destroy something. Please listen to what we tell you at the viewings and during the visits, we know these dogs and disclose everything we know. Deeply consider what you are told about the dog and its personality before you offer the dog a home. It does them no favours to go into a home for a week and then come back to the kennels. 

With training and guidance they will settle, if you do nothing and bring them back after a short time then it makes them harder to place next time as they get upset every-time they are brought back and the problems become harder to tackle. Please be sure you can commit to a rescue dog before you take them home.


So you can more accurately assess the size of a dog you are looking at, please use our size guide.

Their status (AVAILABLE, AVAILABLE TO WAITING LIST ONLY, or RESERVED,) is listed. Unfortunately due to the time-consuming nature of young dogs and children, we are not able to re-home to people who have dogs under 1 year old or children under 1 year of age. We will also not re-home to anyone who has a dog with existing behavioural issues, as it could potentially worsen the issue or cause the adopted dog to develop an issue. Existing dogs will also need to be spayed or neutered before adopting a new dog. 

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