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    Sex - Female

    Age - 5 years (D.O.B - 20.05.13)

    Breed -Crossbreed

    Size - Large

    About me: I came from the streets of Romania before I was captured and put in a shelter there. It’s not a nice place like Oakwood. We were lucky if we even got fed every day, there were definitely no toys or treats. I would probably have died there.

    Why I am in a Foster Home: I had a limp and so we went to the vets. The x-rays showed my left leg was badly deformed and it needed to be removed. I needed a home to recuperate in after my operation and to adjust to life as a 3 legged doggy before I can be adopted!

    What I’m looking for: When I am back on my feet I'll be on the look-out for a forever home with no doggies, cats or children under 13years.

    Adoption Fee: £200

    Free training: 4 weeks