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Foster home required


Age: 10 months

Breed: Giant Schnauzer

About me: I’m just a big puppy so I’m into everything and the humans say I need some boundaries and training. I LOVE food so will quickly learn in exchange for treats!

Why I need a Foster Home: I was handed into rescue with a nasty infection in my spine and I am taking antibiotics for 6 months to clear it. Then I need an x-ray to check I’m well before I can be adopted.

What I’m looking for: FOOD and TOYS and TREATS! Oh, but the staff said I also have to say, someone who will be patient and not let me get away with naughty behaviour but teach me manners and get me ready for a forever home. I could live with a large female dog but no boy doggies, cats or humans under 15yrs.


Alan- Under Assessment

Sex - Male

Age - TBC

Breed - Shihtzu

History - Alan was found by IDR in quite a state. He was underweight and his fur was all matted. With a bit of love and attention he is now in much better shape and has arrived safely in the U.K.

Specific Requirements - Alan is currently under assessment. We will update with what kind of home Alan is looking for once we get to know him better.

Adoption Fee - £200

Free Training - 4 weeks

Raising money for Oakwood


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